Silo is a Captivating Descent into a Dystopian World

Silo is a Captivating Descent into a Dystopian World

Apple TV’s Silo is a subterranean masterpiece that is breathing new life into post-apocalyptic shows. In an austere, dystopian future, human beings take shelter beneath the earth’s surface, residing in an enormous underground silo. This subterranean society, spanning 144 levels and housing a population of 10,000, operates under a set of strict rules, ostensibly implemented to shield them from the hazardous, destroyed world above ground. Life here mirrors conventional society, with assigned professions, compact living spaces, and even a system of law enforcement overseen by a sheriff and Mayor. After 140 years of living in the silo, they barely remember why they are there or life before living there. The power that sustains the whole silo comes from the hardworking individuals stationed at the lowermost levels, whose roles differ significantly from those on other floors. Items are recycled or fixed and there is little room for replacement. Artifacts which are items from the pre-silo life, are typically illegal and in many cases, the people who have them don’t even know what they do or how to use them. Saying the wrong words can get you killed as many are illegal as well.

In the midst of this, Juliette, a diligent engineer, is entrusted with the task of solving the mystery surrounding a co-worker’s demise. However, her findings reveal startling secrets that possess the potential to shatter the carefully constructed illusion of their enclosed existence.

Silo features Tim Robbins, in all his “Tim Robbinsness”, Rebecca Ferguson, Will Paton, Common, and other worthy actors.

Based on Books by Hugh Howey

The “Wool” series by Hugh Howey is a set of science fiction novels that began as a standalone short story published in 2011. The initial story’s success led Howey to expand it into a series of five books, collectively known as the “Silo” series due to the distinctive setting: a massive, underground city named Silo.

Wool is the first book. It introduces us to the post-apocalyptic world where the remainder of humanity lives in a massive underground silo, over a hundred stories deep. People only know about the outside world through old books and an external camera that shows a desolate, toxic landscape. The society within the Silo is strictly regulated with specific roles for everyone, and questioning the status quo is punishable by death–specifically, being sent outside to clean the sensor lenses of the exterior camera (an act called “cleaning”), a task that results in certain death from the toxic environment. The story focuses on Juliette, a mechanic from the deepest part of the Silo, who gets caught up in the twisted politics and secrets of their world.

The second book, shift, is actually a prequel to “Wool,” providing a lot of the backstory and explaining why the world is in its current state. It’s divided into three parts and follows different characters, including the architect of the Silos, Donald Keene.

The final installment is Dust. It wraps up the narrative arc begun in “Wool” and continued in “Shift.” Juliette, now the leader of Silo 18, hatches a daring plan to finally break free of the constraints of their world.

These books have been praised for their rich world-building, detailed characterization, and exploration of deeper themes like the nature of society and the ethics of survival. They provide a fresh take on post-apocalyptic narratives and are beloved by many fans of science fiction literature.

Is Silo worth watching?

If you’re looking for a show that leaves you on a cliffhanger and has you excited to watch the next episode, this show is for you. The books are highly praised, including the ending. So if Apple TV sticks to the source material throughout the series, it should be worth a watch.

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