Snowbird Tiki Bar is Montreal’s Best Tropical Experience

Snowbird Tiki Bar is Montreal’s Best Tropical Experience

Whenever I come across themed restaurants and bars, I often get this feeling of it being American and gimmicky. I’m looking at you Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, and Rainforest cafe, among others. These aren’t bad choices or in poor taste. I just feel like I’m entering either a more commercial establishment or a tourist trap when I come across some of them.

It’s more than just a tropical themed bar. It’s an experience!

With that said, entering the fantastical Snowbird Tiki Bar is anything but gimmicky, while also being, well gimmicky, in its own right. The thing is, tucked away on the newly renovated Plaza St. Hubert street, this place really catches you off guard. It’s more than just a tropical themed bar. It’s an experience!

Attention To Detail

For one, the level of detail is remarkable. Everywhere you look, you’ll find the attention to detail simultaneously wondrous and whimsical. From the giant Easter Island head to the ubiquitous animals and plants to the dedicated small sections devoted to different people and themes. It’s just so well done that you’ll probably spend a few minutes wondering how this even came to be in a city like Montreal!

There’s even an entire row of Star Wars themed ceramic drinking glasses. We’re talking everything from Jabba the Hutt to Han Solo frozen in carbonite. (See the photo above).

Truly Unique Drinks

As far as I’m concerned, Tiki bars should be judged on appearance but also drinks. Snowbird Tiki Bar does not disappoint on either. When it comes to drinks, just a quick look at the drink will get you excited! We tried four different drinks and all of them were delivered in their own style. Whether it was the Navy Grog which included a ship and American flag or the requisite cocktail umbrella that adorned the Blue Hawaii, it all just added to the evening’s entertainment.

Should you go?

Yes! We went on a Monday night and people were there which makes this one of the few places in the city that draws a crowd on a Monday night. It’s different but fun. Groups of two to five would have a great time here. Just looking around, aside from spending time with friends is part of the experience that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s also suitable for a date night. Just go! You won’t be disappointed.


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