Montreal Fashion Designer Sofia Del Giacco’s Hutchison Line Impresses

Montreal Fashion Designer Sofia Del Giacco’s Hutchison Line Impresses

As I discussed in my Fashion Preview review of the V-Franz Collection, Montreal Fashion Week no longer exists. In its place are smaller events such as Fashion Preview which took place at Ogilvy in Downtown Montreal last week.

Montreal’s bureaucratic red tape, lack of business support, relatively poor promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit, and other factors have contributed to what many consider to be a dying city. This holds true for industries across the board and fashion is becoming one of the victims as the money flows elsewhere.

Perhaps the most unfortunate part is that the level of talent in Montreal remains high. Gifted, innovative and creative individuals fill the city. In the fashion industry, there are many talented designers trying to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, in this distressed local economy, the struggle is real.

Taking Design a Step Further

That said, designers such as Sofia Del Giacco should be considered a source of local pride. Educated at Lasalle College in the Fashion/Apparel Design program, she honed her professional skills in various positions, including an extended run as a designer for Reitmans.

The Quebec Government

Del Giacco is going further than that. She enrolled in the Quebec government’s entrepreneur program known as SAJE. The program teaches business skills and mentors students as they develop their companies. Many highly successful individuals have emerged from the program, including one of my best friends who runs a recruitment and career placement agency.


Sofia Del Giacco (left) walks down the runway with a model wearing her designs at Montreal Fashion Preview 2015.

The Founding of Hutchison

In 2014, with the help of the SAJE program, Del Giacco founded her company, Hutchison. Her objective is to create outfits that incorporate simple shapes, clean lines, and appropriate fabrics. Perhaps one of the most important parts of her story is that each item is tailored, cut, and assembled in her Montreal workshop.

Montreal Fashion Preview at Ogilvy

I was fortunate to attend last week’s Fashion Preview and see for myself the impressive line that this young talent has put together.

It’s the bright spots like these that highlight the available talent in Montreal. Del Giacco took on the entrepreneurial challenge and is rising above as her natural talent shines through.

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