Picard’s Final Season: A Triumphant Return to Star Trek’s Golden Era

Picard’s Final Season: A Triumphant Return to Star Trek’s Golden Era

In my life, I come across very few instances where I feel like Wayne and Garth as they exclaim “We’re not worthy!” but watching season three of Star Trek Picard is without a doubt one of those moments. Season one was a story telling mess, which is surprising when you consider how much experience the writing team has. Not to mention the seemingly endless array of potential plot lines from decades of Star Trek series. Season two was more watchable, with its unexpected Borg ending. But it’s Picard season three that has me messaging friends around the world asking them “if you aren’t watching Picard season three, what are you doing with your life?” I suppose this contrasts with Captain Kirk actor William Shatner asking fans during a Saturday Night Live skit to “Get a life!”

Sure, there are plot holes. What happened to getting help from the Borg (given season two’s ending), not to mention the plethora of aliens in the federation. Ok, so let’s take it a step further. There are a tons of plot holes. But ya know what? Who cares? Suspension of disbelief is key here. The plot comes together naturally and in unexpected ways to eventually gather the Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) crew for one last mission. First, we thought the final episode TNG, “All Good Things” would be it. Then we had a few movies. But Picard season three is the true ending. And it was glorious! (Plot holes aside, of course).

Tons of Star Trek Easter Eggs

The season features countless Easter eggs, mentions and throwbacks to the adventures that the TNG crew experienced, homages, and other exciting features which keeps you saying “OMG! That was from this or that or the other” during every episode. Even one of the main villains, Captain Vadic, is played by Amanda Plummer, who happens to be the daughter of Christopher Plummer, who played General Chang in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Ship designs are a throwback. The return of Enterprise D is an exciting development. It just goes on and on. And it’s a delight! I would stare at the TV and repeatedly ask myself how they managed to customize a season of Star Trek just for me! But of course, it’s for all of us. The fans who truly love Star Trek from its prime years of world building and excitement.

The Plot (No Major Spoilers)

In response to a distress signal from Dr. Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard comes out of retirement and, with the help of Captain Will Riker, uncovers a conspiracy that extends to the farthest reaches of the Federation and confronts a long-defeated adversary. Throughout the season we see the return of beloved characters like Geordie La Forge, Worf (“Mista Woaf” as Picard would say), Deanna Troi, and a few others. This allows for the original TNG crew to regain the spotlight.

Although the series introduces new characters, its strength lies in its connection to the past. To be fair, I love Captain Shaw, even if he isn’t the most congenial guy. I would watch a show around his adventures as captain. I was happy to see Seven of Nine join the crew as well this season. Ro Laren’s appearance and reconnection with Picard was touching. The season brings in key elements from TNG, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. While I would have liked to see a slightly different plot, one where Moriarty was the main villain, I can live with what we saw of him. A little gratuitous but again, so good! This is the final season and it was a satisfying conclusion to Jean-Luc Picard’s journey, regrettably reminding viewers of the show’s potential just as it comes to an end. Lastly, you don’t have to know much about seasons one or two to get into this season. It helps but you don’t need to watch those. You can jump right in, for the most part.

Go watch!

As the season unfolds, episodes get better and better. If you aren’t watching Star Trek Picard season three, what ARE you watching?!


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