Stay Inn Toronto Hotel Review

Stay Inn Toronto Hotel Review

I spent a couple of nights at the Stay Inn Hotel in Toronto (Etobicoke) when I was giving a talk at a conference (at Humber College). Here’s my review.


The hotel is situation off a highway just outside of downtown Toronto. It’s actually ideal for people who need to stay in Etobicoke. I suppose most people staying here were doing so for business (like I was). I suggest having a car or being prepared to get taxis because there is little within walking distance. You can take a bus to the subway station but it does take a while (and a walk to the correct bus line).

It’s also well-suited for anyone with a car that wants a cheaper place to stay than downtown which can be quite pricey, especially during the summer months when the tourists come flooding in. Major attractions like CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, shopping at the Eaton Centre, and other key spots are about a 20-minute drive which I found to be reasonable.

The hotel isn’t too far from the airport either.

Living Space: Room & Bathroom

I had a room on the main floor with two queen beds. The window faced the parking lot. The hotel is only two floors. The bathroom was clean. The beds were also clean and comfortable. I had no problem falling asleep here.

Also, the area around the hotel is kind of a hodgepodge of industrial space, businesses, and homes. That said, it’s quiet at night.

There is no safe in the room.

Guest & Customer Service

When I walked in, I was greeted by a kind woman. Check-in was quick and easy. They had a couple of budgies in a cage living behind the registration desk. I’m sure it brings a smile to everyone’s face as it did mine.


There’s a small breakfast buffet with a few tables and chairs. I had to get to a conference early and was lucky to find a seat.

The food option was a continental breakfast which was “standard” small hotel breakfast buffet quality. There were waffles, bagels (well, Toronto bagels) and various breads (with a toaster), eggs, sausages, bacon, cereal, danishes, juice, coffee, and so on. Nothing too exciting but really okay.

Also, it was included with my hotel room and very convenient. There aren’t breakfast places around that you can easily get to without a car.

Cost and Value

I did extensive searches for other hotels in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Etobicoke. For the most part, all I could find were hotels at several hundred dollars per night (typically $200-$400/night) closer to downtown, or what I perceived to be dumpy hotels in the neighbourhood in the $75-$150 range.

Being in the $100-$150 category, the cost and value of the Stay Inn compared to other hotels was worth it. Note that they have a few suites with a jacuzzi (which costs more) which could be exciting for some guests.

Who should stay here?

Given the overall ratings, I wouldn’t suggest any limits on people staying here. If you need to be in the area or just need somewhere to park your head for the night, the Stay Inn is a great choice. Families, business people, single vacationers, and couples could get a good, safe night of sleep here.


The hotel was very clean. Nothing else to say about that.

Other Notes of Interest

After my first stay at the hotel, I had to return to the area and booked it a second time. Unfortunately, something came up and I had to cancel the booking. I called to cancel which took about 30 seconds. The only thing I’d like to point out is that the man who cancelled the booking was a little short with me, perhaps annoyed that I was cancelling.

Is it worth staying here?

Yes. It’s a very good little hotel.



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