Ta Chido Snack-Bar is Authentic Mexican Food in the Heart of Mile-End

Ta Chido Snack-Bar is Authentic Mexican Food in the Heart of Mile-End

If you’re anything like me, you never walk into a tiny restaurant unless it has been firmly and vehemently recommended by someone whose opinion you really trust, which is exactly how I first stepped foot in Ta Chido Snack-Bar Mexicain and why I am spreading the word on this friendly and authentic Mexican restaurant.


Citynet Magazine contributors Anton Iancu and Karine Bergeron checking out Ta Chido.

Whether you are looking for a place to celebrate #TacoTuesday or craving dishes that remind you of your latest beach vacation (minus the price tag), Ta Chido will satisfy your craving and surprise your taste buds with a mix of exotic flavors and Mexican classics.


Chalk art on one of the walls.

What to Order

Once you find a seat in this eclectically decorated eatery, make sure you order the home made guacamole and try the refreshing agua del dìa, a non-alcoholic fruit-based beverage that changes every day. If you visit during the winter or on a rainy day, a small bowl of frijoles rancheros (black bean soup) will warm you up right away, especially if you spice it up with a few drops of the zingy chipotle sauce you will find on your table (the dark one).


Yummy pulled pork. Want a tasty, affordable Mexican snack? Try Ta Chido!

Among my favorite tacos are the Mole, a tasty combination of shredded chicken cooked in a slightly spicy chocolaty sauce covered in sour cream and feta cheese, and the Chorizo con papas which contains Mexican pork sausage sautéed with potatoes, coriander and onions.


Dairy-free papas con tapas. One of the best, cheap Mexican eateries in Montreal.

If you are really hungry, go ahead and order one of the many tortas, a delicious sandwich served on fresh and warm homemade bread. Trying to stay away from gluten? Ta Chido’s chef created bread made of yucca flour (also known as tapioca) that has its own legion of fans and that you can also buy as a loaf to bring home. Don’t forget to sprinkle your food with a few drops of every salsa you will find on your table to enhance the flavors.

Authentic Family Recipes

Whatever you end up eating, do know that all the dishes have been prepared and served by generations of women in the chef’s family before they were presented to you. Indeed, daughters in her family have received their grandmothers’ and mothers’ knowledge and secrets through 4 handwritten recipe books that she has used to create Ta Chido’s menu and give Montrealers a taste of the authentic cuisine of her hometown Cuernavaca. Everything is prepared on location and you can taste the difference with every bite.


Linx Selby was a wonderful host and waiter.

No matter how old the recipes are, the menu keeps evolving and on our last visit, we were told that a new beef taco will be offered starting this summer. Cierto que we will go back in the next few weeks to make sure that we are among the first ones to try it. ¡Buen provecho!


There are a number of showcases in the restaurant with unusual items like these Mr. Potato Head characters.

Ta Chido Snack-Bar
5611 Park Avenue
Montreal, Quebec

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