Nature’s U-turn: Exploring the Mystique of Moncton’s Tidal Bore

Nature’s U-turn: Exploring the Mystique of Moncton’s Tidal Bore

My road trip from Montreal to the East Coast at the tail end of last summer yielded some pretty unexpected yet spectacular discoveries. One of the most remarkable was the Tidal Bore in Moncton, New Brunswick. Unknown to the majority of Canadians, the Bay of Fundy, nestled between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, boasts the highest tides in the world. Yes, the world! Its dramatic water levels can reach a staggering 16 meters – the equivalent of a four-story building. Yet, this remarkable fact isn’t widely recognized, even amongst Canadians themselves. Now, one of the most impressive consequences of the tide rising so rapidly is the Moncton Tidal Bore. Despite being a testament to the majestic power of nature and a gem in Canada’s crown of natural wonders, the awareness about the Moncton Tidal Bore remains surprisingly low. It’s a phenomenal occurrence that more Canadians and global visitors alike should discover and appreciate.

What is the Moncton tidal bore?

As the Bay of Fundy’s very high tide rolls in, it funnels into the relatively narrow and shallow Petitcodiac River. This process produces a wave, or bore, that flows counter to the river’s current. This effectively briefly reverses the river’s flow. When you see it, you don’t notice the depth of the river reversing course. Instead, you see an entire layer moving over the existent one. The bore can vary in size from barely perceptible to over a meter in height, with factors such as the moon’s phase, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, and recent rainfall influencing its intensity. The tidal bore is a unique natural spectacle, bestowing upon the city of Moncton a special claim to fame.

Where can you see the to Tidal Bore in Moncton?

So, where to see the tidal bore in Moncton? It generally occurs twice daily in line with the incoming tide. Many visitors flock to Moncton’s riverfront park, the popular “Moncton tidal bore viewing location,” to observe this natural marvel. Adventure seekers, including surfers and kayakers, also frequent this spot, taking pleasure in riding the bore up the Petitcodiac River.

Tidal Bore Timings: Why does it change daily?

It’s worth noting that the timing of the Moncton Tidal Bore changes daily, a detail primarily dictated by the moon’s cycle and gravitational influence. It is believed that the strength and direction of the moon’s gravitational pull causes the timing and height of tides to change each day. As a result, the time you can witness the tidal bore in Moncton shifts slightly every day, keeping in step with the celestial dance between Earth and the moon.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to witness this attraction, be sure to check what time it comes in. We were lucky enough to catch it around 9:30am. Some people have to come much earlier or later in the day to see it.

Human Impact and Bore Recovery: The Tidal Bore’s Historic Struggles

The spectacle of the tidal bore was significantly lessened due to human activity, particularly the construction of a causeway in the 1960s. In 2010, an initiative was launched to open the causeway’s gates and restore the river’s natural flow. This has led to the gradual resurgence of a more impressive tidal bore, continuing to draw tourists and thrill-seekers to Moncton to this day.

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