Tips for Organizing a Guys Night Out

Tips for Organizing a Guys Night Out
Rick Adams

Whether you’re a girl looking to send your guy out on the town or whether you’re a guy looking for some guy time, planning a night out requires some skill. You don’t have to go to bachelor party lengths in order to have a great night out, but you should think about all of the important details. Start by thinking about the guys who you are going to invite.

1. Know Your Pals

Before you can organize anything, you have to know what everyone in a group enjoys doing. While you can’t please everyone, you can find a few commonalities. Sports are generally a safe bet as are clubs and lounges. Choose an event or place that everyone will like, and try not to settle for a place that’s out of someone’s budget.

2. Find an Unforgettable Venue

Some great venues for a guy’s night out include:

  • A concert
  • A sports match
  • A bar with a live band
  • A casino

You might even want to think about spending the evening watch a game at someone’s house. Provided, of course, that the house you choose has a large flat screen and plenty of comfortable seating.

3. Don’t Forget About Food

Guys like to eat. That means that great, inexpensive, food must be available at all times. Pizza is always a safe bet, but so are sandwiches, subs, finger foods, and fried things. Generally, anything that can be found inside of a pub is good guy grub. If you will be out on the town with the guys, think about making a reservation at a favorite spot – both before and after your night out.

4. Warn the Wives

Give girlfriends and wives fair warning about the guy’s night that you are planning. Most women won’t mind, but they’ll want to make plans too. Tell all significant others what kind of night you are planning, and let them know that the event will probably go all night long. This way, no guy will be in trouble when it’s time to go home.

5. Keep it Safe

If alcoholic drinks are involved, arrange transportation for the boys. Set up cab fares or hire a limo. Whatever you do, don’t let your friends drive home after drinking all night long. If you live in the country, arranging an overnight stay in the city might be a good idea.

Along the lines of keeping it safe is making sure that nobody commits any kind of crime while out. Even though it is rare, sometimes guys do things that are not too intelligent when out with the boys. Keep an eye on all the guys, and try to avoid any unnecessary problems.

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