Top 10 Setapp Apps You Should Try Today

Top 10 Setapp Apps You Should Try Today

Setapp is the Netflix for Mac apps and I love it! There’s no mystery, no gimmick, and no surprise fees. For $10 a month, you get access not only to dozens and dozens of premium applications but to all the new apps added monthly to their repertoire.

Setapp To The Rescue!

Anyone who knows me has heard me singing the praises of this incredible service. I’m already an app enthusiast, always looking for the best programs I can that will increase my productivity or make my life more entertaining. But it can get pretty costly to purchase app after app – especially if you don’t know if you’ll like it.

Some apps, like Evernote, require a few months learning curve. Other apps, like Sunrise Calendar, get bought out and disappear. Some change their subscription models. Others don’t give you enough of a trial. Still more are great in theory but need a little more R&D before they really become something to write home about. This is where Setapp shines as it mitigates all these problems.

With your monthly subscription, you can try out all sorts of apps you wanted to try but couldn’t afford or didn’t even know existed. It’s honestly one of the best services I subscribe to. And with their 14-day free trial, you can dip your toe into the Setapp universe to see for yourself without any risk. That’s what I did and 6 months later I can’t imagine ever unsubscribing (unless, you know, something better comes along).

10 of the Best Apps on Setapp

Listed below are the ten apps I use regularly on Setapp. Some I knew of before, but most I discovered through the service.

1. 2Do (Productivity)

2Do is one of the newest additions to Setapp and I’m beyond happy it’s here. I’ve been searching for a proper to-do app for the longest time with little success. Many look good but require you to adapt to it instead of the other way around. Not so with 2Do. This application actually helps me get things done. (Normally £23.99, included in Setapp.)

2. Capto (Screen capture)

I didn’t know I wanted a screen recording software before I tried Capto. I use it to record private training sessions with my clients so that I can review my performance afterwards. It’s so easy and runs so smoothly. Not something I would have bought on my own, but that’s what makes Setapp so cool. ($29.99 direct, included in Setapp.)

3. Downie (Media download)

Ever want to quickly download a video from YouTube? I do all the time. Tutorials to watch offline. Covers, mashups, and remixes I want to listen on repeat. But I don’t want to spend endless minutes saving videos or converting them to mp3s. Downie let’s you very quickly download videos (or audio) from sites like YouTube and Vimeo in seconds. Another one of those apps that you never need until you do. ($19,99, included in Setapp.)

4. Flume (Instagram on desktop)

Flume is an Instagram interface on your mac. Useful to those of us who like to be quickly notified of updates from those we’re following without having to futz with our phones at every buzz or ding. Do all the stuff you normally do in the Instagram app from your computer. (Free, but Setapp is the only place to get the Pro version upload and multiple account features.)

5. Mosaic (Window management)

One thing Windows does better than OS X is window management. Arranging multiple windows on my MacBook was a pain until I got Mosaic. Yes, there are other window management applications for mac. However, most of them are not as intuitive as I’d like. And the few I sort of like I’m not willing to pay for. Setapp scores yet again. (£24.99 alone, included in Setapp.)

6. Paste (Productivity)

I used to think “How did we ever survive before the Paste function?” Now I think “How did I live without the Paste app?” CopyClip was the app I used before, and I liked it. It has saved me hours of work. But I find Paste far more usable because the interface for perusing and selecting past copied assets shows more information, such as image thumbnails. ($9,99, included in Setapp.)

7. Remote Mouse (Computer controller)

Being able to control my computer remotely has always been a pain. I’ve used pointers that connect only to PowerPoint/Keynote, and apps that only work with iTunes. But I’ve always wanted to control my computer from my phone the same way I can control my XBox One and PS4. Remote Mouse let’s me do that. It’s not perfect, but I’ve ended up using it every week. (In-app purchases, unlocked in Setapp.)

8. Timing (Time tracking)

I look for three characteristics in a time-tracking apps. It needs to be detailed, with a pretty interface, and affordable. With Timing’s recent update, it hits all three perfectly. There’s a huge learning curve compared to something like RescueTime, but once you get over that it’s crazy useful. ($80 for the Expert version, included in Setapp.)

9. Ulysses (Writing)

I. Love. Ulysses! It’s the best writing tool I’ve ever used, period. It’s smooth, slick, easy to use, feature-rich — oh and has a companion iOS app that is just as impressive. I can’t sing the praises of this application enough. If you want to have a bunch of Scrivener-style tools, they are there. If you want the Focused-style distraction-free experience, it’s just a shortcut away. I bought this app back in 2015 and have yet to find anything that compares. And now that they’ve moved to a subscription service, it’s really a no-brainer to get it through Setapp. ($5/month, included in Setapp.)

10. Workspaces (Application management)

Workspaces is the latest app I’m trying to fold into my routine. It essentially let’s you save applications, files, folders, websites, etc. into workspaces that you can switch between quickly. Up until now, I’ve been creating Automator tasks to do this, but it’s fairly tedious and unlovely. Workspaces saves me a bunch of time and gives me far more flexibility. I’m still getting used to relying on it, but it definitely has the potential of becoming invaluable.

Setapp is Worth Every Penny

There hasn’t been one day since I’ve started using Setapp that I’ve regretted paying for it. I recommend it to everyone with an Apple computer who enjoys integrating new apps into their workflow.

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