The Top 7 Spring Break Party Destinations in North America

The Top 7 Spring Break Party Destinations in North America

Spring break is on its way again, and its hot as ever, with more destinations, bigger pools, and wilder events. Here’s a list of some recent big-time party destinations for spring break.

1. Varadero, Cuba

The current #1 party destination for spring break is Varadero, Cuba. There are plenty of awesome resorts across Cuba, but Varadero is the most established and one of the most affordable. With seemingly endless beaches, a celebrity pedigree including Al Capone, and flights going for cheap, Varadero is a cool, clear choice.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas gets a vigorous nod this year because, while it’s not a traditional spring break destination, this year it’s hosting MTV’s big bash. This is sure to attract more partiers, celebrities, and performers than any other destination. You’ll probably be paying top dollar for your entertainment, but this is where you want to go for a spring break you’ll never forget.

3. Cancun, Mexico

Drug-related violence in Mexico has been threatening to scare off spring breakers for a few years now, but the large number that has decided to go anyway has still had an amazing time and come back safe and sound. Cancún has long been a classic spring break destination, especially for ’90s babies who remember all of the spring break TV specials shot there.

4. Acapulco, Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of North Americans converge on Acapulco for spring break every year. It’s a little more expensive to get to Acapulco than to Cancún, but in many ways it’s worth the extra cost. Acapulco has its own buzzing nightlife and an amazing selection of all-inclusive resort packages.

5. Panama City Beach, Florida

OK, so the drinking age is 21. On that basis alone, Panama City Beach, along with any other Florida destination, scores pretty low on the spring break party destination list. Still, locations like Panama City Beach and Fort Myers remain incredibly popular spring break party spots, and you can be sure they include some of the best lists of performances and celebrity appearances. If you’re looking for famous faces, head to Florida.

6. Miami Beach, Florida

If you’re feeling like a big spender this spring break, consider Miami Beach for your party needs. This is another big celebrity magnet (and generally a destination for the crème de la crème of partying), with clubs and bars booming into the early morning, and miles of beaches on which to enjoy a frozen cocktail (not strictly legal).

7. Montego Bay, Jamaica

There are plenty of resorts, hotels, or private villas to take you in at Montego Bay, which is a bit more culturally interesting than the Floridian and Mexican options. Jamaica attracts somewhat fewer spring breakers than Florida and Mexico, which is great if you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxed spring break. That’s not to say there aren’t incredible clubs, reggae bars, and famous party beaches waiting for you when you need to get down, because there certainly are.
There you have it! Spring break options are more diverse than ever this year, so don’t miss out!

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