Tips for Vacations on a Tight Budget

Tips for Vacations on a Tight Budget

Whenever you hear the word ‘vacation’ you think expensive.  But that doesn’t have to be the case!  Everyone loves to go on an exotic, relaxing, or fun-filled vacation at least once a year but not everyone has the money for a five-star resort, first class flights and their own private yacht rental!

So, here are a few tips to help with planning great vacations without a great big price tag attached:

(1) Plan a vacation in your own region.
Most people think they have to fly thousands of miles for a great getaway but often you can find great places to visit and explore that are only a few hours away!  Maybe there’s a few tourist spots nearby that you haven’t explored before.  Maybe even your town or city has regions you haven’t explored.  Check them out before looking too far outside your region.  Chances are you’ll find something interesting to do and you won’t have to book expensive flights to get there!

(2) Try planning day trips or weekend getaways rather than long vacations.
Sometimes all you need is a ‘breather’ to get away from the city or the job.  Check out a Bed and Breakfast place for the weekend with a friend or significant other.  Plan to visit some ‘touristy’ spots and take fun photos to remember the trip.  Day trips or a weekend away will give you the R n’ R you need without the stress of the money involved.

(3) If you are planning a longer trip, make sure to check out deals!
All over the Internet are sites dedicated to coupons, flight/hotel/car rental deals and discounts on excursions.  All you have to do is spend the time looking for them.  Another great way to save money is to invest in an Entertainment Book.  Entertainment Books are filled with coupons for places to stay, food and entertainment choices and business services.  Not only is this book good for a vacation but also good throughout the year.  A small investment of roughly $50 will save you hundreds in the long run.

(4) Be prepared to make a few sacrifices.
Nobody likes to hear it but if you have a tight budget, you have to be prepared to make some tough choices about activities, transportation and accommodations while on holidays.  Important tip: Don’t sacrifice everything! Splurge on a couple activities or one night at a 5-star restaurant or hotel.  Choose your priorities going on the trip.  Where do I want to spend the bulk of my money? What activities do I want to do? Where can I cut back in other areas?  These are all important things to consider as you plan.

(5) Plan to cook a few meals while on holidays!
I know it seems a bit lame but actually this one tip will save you hundreds of dollars while you’re on vacation!  Try to pick a place to stay with a kitchen set-up of some sort.  Often renting a cottage or condo will give you the luxury of having a kitchen to cook in.  Check out local markets that specialize in local produce.  Ask the locals where they shop for the best deals.  Try to avoid ‘touristy’ areas at all cost when it comes to buying food.  In the end, though it’s a little bit more work, you’ll appreciate the extra dollars in your pocket!

So, whether you’re planning a 2-week holiday or a weekend getaway this year, keep in mind there are always ways to save a few dollars so you don’t have the added stress of finances when you return from your refreshing time away!

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