The Walking Dead Drinking Game

The Walking Dead Drinking Game

The rules of The Walking Dead Drinking Game are similar to other drinking games. Get some alcohol, get ready to drink it in small amounts (shots are a good idea), and watch an episode. As each of the events listed below happens, take a swig.

What to Watch for

  • There’s talk of someone not coming back (e.g., “He should be back by now”)
  • Every time there is a new character that is introduced to anyone in the main group
  • Every time the group looks to Rick for advice or Rick gets all mushy
  • Each time Daryl uses his crossbow (Bonus: If he kills a walker, drink twice)
  • Each time Michonne uses her sword to kill a walker
  • Every time the Governor does something villainous but hides it
  • Any time Glenn and Maggie get “couple-y”
  • A “walker of convenience” appears (that is, a walker suddenly appears almost for the sake of showing a walker but it’s not really needed)
  • Beth or Maggie are in a scene where they look cute or sexy
  • Merle says something offensive
  • Rick gets mad at Carl (e.g., “You can’t use that gun”)
  • Merle or Daryl talk about being brothers (e.g., “He’s my bro”)
  • Someone talks about a significant person in their lives who they lost
  • Each time someone from Terminus makes an arrogant statement
  • Every time one of the main group members is being recorded in an interview
  • Every time someone’s gun goes empty at a critical time
  • Every time they start driving in a new vehicle
  • Judith (Rick’s baby) starts crying
  • Each time different members of the group are “accidentally” reunited after being split up

Drink and have fun but do it responsibly. Enjoy!

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