What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise (Guide & Checklist)

What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise (Guide & Checklist)

Dreams of turquoise waters, rhythmic sway of palm trees, vibrant local cultures, and stunning tropical vistas make the Caribbean a magnet for wanderlust-driven globetrotters. The ideal way to immerse yourself in this tropical utopia is undoubtedly a cruise. Navigating through the daunting task of packing for this trip can be overwhelming, hence, this comprehensive guide is designed to elucidate the essentials, making sure that you are impeccably equipped for your memorable Caribbean cruise adventure. Note that the Caribbean cruise packing checklist is below.


The Caribbean climate remains relatively warm throughout the year, exhibiting average temperatures fluctuating between the mid-20s and the high 30s Celsius (that’s mid-70s to high 80s Fahrenheit). To maintain comfort throughout your daytime activities, consider packing light, airy clothing. Your suitcase should ideally be filled with an ample selection of shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, breezy sundresses, and a variety of swimwear for those refreshing dips in the ocean.

However, it’s also essential to pack a light sweater, jacket, or wrap. These will come in handy during cooler nights on the deck, in air-conditioned venues on the ship, or unexpected weather changes.

For dining experiences and formal nights, pack a range of smart-casual outfits. Certain cruises also host formal events and themed nights, so it’s advisable to verify your cruise line’s specific dress code and pack accordingly to avoid any last-minute fashion predicaments. Some cruises have a mandatory formal night clothing rule.  This is more common on European and Mediterranean cruises than it is on Caribbean cruises but it’s worth investigating. In any case, it’s still fun to dress up and go partying around the ship in your formal wear, just as you would during a vacation on land.


The importance of comfortable footwear cannot be overstated, especially when you’re out exploring on excursions. Opt for water-resistant sandals or flip-flops that can effortlessly take you from the ship to the sandy beaches. Additionally, a pair of sturdy, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are an absolute must for on-foot sightseeing and longer excursions. For formal nights and sophisticated dining experiences, don’t forget to pack a pair of elegant dress shoes.


To ensure protection from the intense Caribbean sun, don’t forget to pack a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of UV-protective sunglasses. Carry a sturdy, BPA-free reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your sun-drenched adventures. Also, remember to pack a beach bag or a lightweight, durable backpack for shore excursions, one that is large enough to carry your essentials but comfortable enough to tote around.

Toiletries and Medication

Although most cruise lines provide basic toiletries, if you are particularly fond of certain brands or have specific skin or hair care needs, pack travel-sized versions of your preferred products. Include essentials such as a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF, an effective insect repellent, and any personal medication you may require. If you have a history of seasickness, consider packing over-the-counter motion sickness bands or medication as a precaution. If you’re flying to your port of departure and intend to bring them on a carry-on, make sure your bottles are 100ml or less. Otherwise, the airport staff may confiscate your toiletries. Yes, it’s just another way to frustrate you when you fly, and it is pointless for all intents and purposes, but they want it that way so just keep it in mind. You don’t want to go through the frustration of tossing your belongings to satisfy some nonsensical rule. Keep smiling, you’re going on a cruise vacation!

Travel Documents

Make sure you have your passport, driver’s license, or any other form of identification required. It’s advisable to carry physical copies of your travel insurance, cruise tickets, hotel booking confirmations, emergency contact numbers, and any other necessary travel documents. Safeguard these vital documents by storing them in a waterproof travel document organizer or wallet to prevent any water-related damage.

Snorkeling Gear

If snorkeling is on your itinerary for shore excursions and you already possess your gear, packing it might be a good idea. Having your own equipment guarantees a better fit and hygiene, and it saves you from incurring rental fees. Sometimes just bringing your own mask and snorkel alone is worth it. You can leave the swim fins behind if you need space.

Entertainment and Electronics

Don’t forget to pack some light entertainment for downtime on the cruise. This could be a captivating book, a deck of playing cards, or small board games. Pack your camera, smartphone, e-reader, or any other electronics you might need, along with their respective chargers. A portable power bank could be a lifesaver during long excursions when access to charging outlets might be limited.

Miscellaneous Items

Lastly, don’t forget to bring a travel laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes, keeping your suitcase organized and odour-free.

Comprehensive Packing List for a One-week Caribbean Cruise

Here is what to pack for a  7-day Caribbean cruise vacation.


  1. Casual day wear: Lightweight clothing like shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sundresses – about 7-8 sets for daily changes.
  2. Swimwear: 2-3 swimsuits or trunks, so you always have a dry one to wear.
  3. Formal wear: 2-3 outfits for dining and formal nights on board (check your cruise line’s specific dress code).
  4. Nightwear: Pajamas or sleepwear suitable for a week.
  5. Layering: A light jacket or wrap for cooler evenings on the deck or air-conditioned rooms.
  6. Workout clothes: If you plan on using the fitness facilities or participating in active excursions.


  1. Sandals/Flip-flops: Ideal for beach visits and casual wear on the ship.
  2. Walking shoes/Sneakers: For sightseeing and more strenuous activities.
  3. Dress shoes: For formal nights.


  1. Sunglasses: Preferably UV-protected.
  2. Hats: Wide-brimmed for better sun protection.
  3. Beach Bag/Backpack: For carrying your essentials during excursions.
  4. Reusable Water Bottle: To stay hydrated.
  5. Towel Clips: To secure your towel to the deck chairs.

Toiletries and Personal Items

  1. Travel-sized toiletries: Including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, and a razor.
  2. Sunscreen: High SPF, water-resistant.
  3. Insect repellent: Especially for excursions in nature.
  4. Medication: Personal medications as well as anti-motion sickness medicine if needed.
  5. Personal hygiene items: Such as deodorant, toothbrush, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products.

Travel Documents

  1. Passport/ID: Always keep these at hand.
  2. Cruise Documents: Including any tickets or booking confirmations.
  3. Travel Insurance Documents: If applicable.
  4. Copies of Important Documents: In case the originals are lost or stolen.


  1. Smartphone/iPhone: Don’t forget the charger.
  2. Camera: If you’re not using your phone for photos, with an extra memory card.
  3. Fujifilm Instax: Put fresh batteries in and bring extra film.
  4. E-reader: If you’re a reader, loaded with your favourite books.
  5. Power Bank: For charging on the go.


  1. Snorkeling Gear: If you plan on snorkeling and have your gear.
  2. Entertainment: Playing cards, small games, or books.
  3. Travel Laundry Bag: To separate dirty clothes.
  4. Ziplock Bags: For protecting electronics and other items from water. You would be amazed at how often you’ll find a need for Ziplock bags and plastic bags while on a cruise vacation (or any other trip).
  5. Outlet Adapter/Power Strip: For additional charging points, check if this is allowed on your cruise line.
  6. Noise-canceling Headphones or Earplugs: In case of noisy neighbours or if you find the sounds of the ship disturbing.

This list can be customized according to personal preference and specific needs. Don’t forget to check your cruise line’s guidelines for any prohibited items.

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