M. Mme Wine Bar Offers 600 Choices for Montreal Wine Connoisseurs

M. Mme Wine Bar Offers 600 Choices for Montreal Wine Connoisseurs

Montreal has its fair share of restaurants offering large selections of wine. Between Pullman, Buvette Chez Simon, Pastaga, Accords, and others, locals have been indulging for quite some time. With the recent opening of M. Mme Wine Bar (M. Mme Bar à Vin Gourmand), the city’s wine connoisseurs are once again being spoiled. With over 600 options to choose from, the extensive selection is mind blowing. M. Mme is also a restaurant offering unique preparations.

The Wall of Wine

It’s easy to see how this wine bar and restaurant will become popular. People who truly appreciate good wine can get the most out of their experience in a modern setting. The decor is a mix of brick, wood, and glass which looks great.

The most fascinating part of the restaurant is the long wall of wines. Wine connoisseurs will want to stand on one side of the wall  and slowly make their way down to the other side, reading the labels and appreciating the bottles of the various selections as they go.

Menu Options

Chef Stelio Perombelon is behind the scenes at this eatery. I remember him from the now closed Les Chèvres. Perombelon and his team had a soft launch to get things going a few months ago and now this restaurant and bar is a happening place.

There is a full menu and I snacked on many bite sized choices during my visit. As you can see from the photos below, there are certainly some creative options. My favourite was the omelette that was cut up into attractive cubes.

Who should go?

M. Mme caters to several audiences. For the general public, it’s ideal for happy hour visits, dates, and outings with friends. On the corporate side, this is a great venue for business meetings and private parties. There are two floors, with the lower level containing a private room for wine tasting events. The room can be rented out.

To be sure, this establishment is more on the medium to high end and it will impress. M. Mme is a wine bar and restaurant that knows its audience.

M. Mme Wine Bar (M. Mme Bar à Vin Gourmand)
240 Laurier Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 2N8


The basement level includes this room which can be reserved for group wine tastings. This is a great choice for corporate events and private parties.


The most distinctive feature of M. Mme Bar à Vin is its floor-to-ceiling wall of wine bottles. It dominates the main room.


Marshmallows cut into cubes.


A very creative way to serve an omelette!


Olives and sausages.


More bite-sized snacks to go with your wine.


Sandwiches that are great for snacking with friends and colleagues.


A plate of gougères (French cheese puffs).


In Montreal, you never know who you are going to bump into and on this night, it was Thara Tremblay-Nantel (Thara Communications & AgendaPR) and Alexandra Graveline (Radio Canada).


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