Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Earlier this month, Brian and I were invited to a private dinner party hosted by the Flavor Your Life, an extra virgin olive oil campaign supported by the European Union and Italy, in collaboration with Montreal’s esteemed restaurant, Impasto.

I nearly dismissed the invitation as spam when I read, “The Italian government is pleased to invite you to a special evening…” It sounded too good to be true like one of those “You’ve just won a cruise!” e-mails. Thankfully I read the rest of the invitation, because this was an opportunity I would have had FOMO about!

The Dinner Party

The private party took place at Ecole Mezza Luna, an Italian cooking school across the street from the restaurant Impasto. Michele Forgone, Impasto’s chef of cuisine, and celebrity chef Stefano Faita cooked us a meal that was expertly crafted to highlight the different flavour profiles of Zucchi extra virgin olive oils. We were treated to an EVOO tasting master class, along with a delicious meal and perfectly paired Italian cocktails.


Different types of Zucchi brand olive oil.

Zucchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

Flavor Your Life aims to educate consumers on the health and culinary benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Europe, as well as the nuances in flavour that are indicative of its regional origin. The samples we tried varied in bitterness, sweetness, earthiness and spiciness. Who knew olive oils were as complex as wine?


The fresh, handmade pasta finished with the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil and the truffle, cheesy arancini were definitely my favourite parts of the evening. No offence to my wonderful company!

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