5 Gifts for the Modern Woman

5 Gifts for the Modern Woman
Skylar James

Technology can do more than just help women keep up with social media and download music – it can make a great gift too. Obviously, there’s a lot of technology out there that women just can’t live without. Whether you’re trying to spruce up the place, protect your home or just enjoy a little R&R, technology saves the day.

As the year rolls to a close, you might be wondering just what to buy. No worries, below are just a few modern gift suggestions for the modern women in your life.

Parrot Flower Power

By: Parrot

Parrot Power FlowerSounds crazy, looks crazy and, yet, it’s actually pretty cool. Anyone who has ever tried to be a green thumb knows that the hardest thing about keeping plants is actually keeping plants…alive! Plants aren’t like babies – they can’t tell you what they need, but this sensor and this app can. This sensor accurately measures soil moisture, fertilizer, temperature and light – sending it all straight to your smartphone.

Digital Picture Frame

By: HP

The digital picture frame is an old mainstay and a lot of different companies have put out their own versions. However, the HP model stands as one of the best around with 1024×600 resolution (that basically means crisper, clearer picture) and a fully programmable album. Great for those who don’t want to miss a moment in the lives of their loved ones.

Refrigerator Door with LCD Digital with Apps

By: Samsung

Refrigerator DoorI believe it is safe to say that not only the women will appreciate but the entire.  Imagine going to your refrigerator and while filling your glass with ice, you can get updates on the weather, check your social media channels and catch up with news.  According to a recent article, some smart refrigerators have touch screens with built in internet access.  The 8” LCD digital display also allows you to electronically organize your food.  This is a great home technology investment.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

By: Amazon

Much like an actual page from a book, the Kindle Paperwhite delivers a bright, glare-free reading experience that few tablet devices can boast. Since this device is devoted entirely to the eBook experience, it’s easier on the eyes and the extraneous background apps – all you need is a wireless internet connection and a quiet place to enjoy the long battery life.


By: DoorBot

This Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell gives homeowners a peek at anyone who comes knocking. It’s also weatherproof and comes with a theft guarantee for greater peace of mind. There are features you can add as well that allow you to remotely lock and unlock the doors and adjust the positioning of the camera lens. Fast and easy home automation is the name of the game with DoorBot.

Men aren’t the only ones who can appreciate the benefits of modern technology. Modern gifts like these bring greater peace of mind to the modern woman, while making life that much more enjoyable.

Skylar James

Skylar is a professional writer.