AR Drone Parrot: The Perfect Christmas Gift for iPhone Teens

AR Drone Parrot: The Perfect Christmas Gift for iPhone Teens

Halloween has just past and the decorative pumpkins that have not been thrown out are now rotting on front porches. That bush covered in fake, four week old cobwebs is a spooky reminder that Christmas is almost upon us. Yes, it’s still November, but that doesn’t mean what it used to. The jolliest of all seasons is upon us and, if you know a teen with an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, this gift is sure to be a winner.

AR Drone Parrot

I bet you didn’t know you wanted your own drone. The AR Drone Parrot is a groundbreaking piece of technology, and a product of intense research and development.

The quadrocopter connects to your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad via a secure ad hoc Wi-Fi link and can be used indoors and outdoors. The drone comes with two hulls. The interior hull protects the device from collisions. The outdoor hull is streamlined and aerodynamic.

Although the range will vary depending on the environment, the average range of the device is approximately 50 meters or 160 feet. As a comparison, a football field is 300 feet by 160 feet. The AR Drone Parrot will rest at 3 meters – just under 10 feet – and can maintain stable flight at about 6 meters – or 20 feet – above the ground. You can, however, take the drone up as far as your Wi-Fi connection. So, if you’re a daredevil, you could potentially take it up to 50 meters, or 160 feet.

The quadrocopter comes with, of course, four propellers which gives it its stability. You can use your iDevice to easily switch between the two on-board cameras. The front facing camera is your primary camera. It is a wide-angle diagonal lens with a resolution of 640×480 pixels (VGA). The bottom facing camera is at a lower resolution, but a higher frame rate, and allows for auto-stabilization.

The drone comes equipped with an ultrasound altimeter and sensors that guide the craft. By detecting color, the drone is able to identify other drones which comes in handy when playing the augmented reality games included with the device.

You can own this device for about $350. Of course, that price doesn’t include the cost of an iPhone, Though, considering drone technology has exclusively been a military perk, the AR Drone Parrot comes in at a real steal. Imagine the possible use cases for a device like this, or instead, visit their website to see footage of what others have come up with.

The AR Drone Parrot would make anyone happy. It’s a modern toy that makes good use of great tech. This holiday season, give that teen of yours the coolest gift he or she has ever received.

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