Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s City of Lights and Adventure

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s City of Lights and Adventure

Kuala Lumpur is the city of lights where style meets adventure. This is not just a capital city. It is a monumental city and the epitome of Malaysian untold glory. This 21st century metropolis broadcasts a fusion of culture and artistry. The skyscrapers that dot the city are merely a symbol of the deeply entrenched architectural prowess characteristic of the Malaysian people. The places to visit, the hotels to stay in and the cuisine to sample make Kuala Lumpur a top choice destination for the holidays. When you talk about Kuala Lumpur, the following places spring into memory.

Petronas Twin Towers

petronas towers

Also known as the Twin Jewels, these imposing structures are in essence a pair of 88 storeys. Piercing into the sky, these twin towers stand at a height of 458 meters above the ground. Were it not for the construction of the 101 tower in Taiwan, these towers could still be the world’s tallest. Ensconced between the twin towers is the Dewan Philharmonic Theatre where visitors are charmed with classical fusion of Asian music from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Located on the 41st floor is the famous Sky Bridge which gives visitors an enthralling view of the Malaysian capital.

Menara Kuala Lumpur


Perched on Bukt Nanas hill is the famous 421 meters Kuala Lumpur tower doubling as the world’s fifth tallest building. Equipped with state-of- the-art lifts, this tower houses Seri Angkasa the revolving restaurant famous for its sampling of the world’s best delicacies ranging from American to Asian dishes. This is also a signature tower of the city as it gives visitors an observatory platform aided by telescopes to view the other landmarks of the city such as the Twin Towers and the captivating Genting Highlands.

The Batu Caves

batu caves

This historic and religious site consists of three main caves and other smaller ones. The Cathedral cave, the Art gallery cave and the Museum cave all sit on this ancient limestone hill. It is not only a Hindu religious site but also one of the most visited places.

The SunWay Lagoon

sunway lagoon

This world’s renowned resort, houses a number of integrated facilities. It comprises a bowling alley, a shopping complex, an extensive lagoon amongst other facilities. The chain of restaurants makes one spoilt for choice. This is literally a home away from home.

Jalan Ampang


This is where visitors literally walk down the memory lane. This site has 20th century mansions coupled with ancestral homes housing genuine antiques. In addition to the embassies located here, they are also great shopping malls such as the Great Eastern Mall and Ampang Point.

Muzium Negara


For the lovers of antiques and history, the National Museum or Muzium Negara savors the unquenchable thirsts. Located just outside the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, this 1963 built architectural piece is a blend of conventional Malay and modern architecture. It houses displays, galleries and cultural pieces.

China Town

china town

Don’t Forget Your Souvenir!

Of course, you cannot get out of Malaysia without picking a souvenir. China Town is the place for the best bargains even as visitors are entertained by live bands and treated to the best affordable hotels. Resplendent in a rare mix of oriental customs and legacy this place literally beckons at the wanderlusts.

Words cannot fully describe the experience; only through the naked eyes of Kuala Lumpur can one see the unbeknown wonders of Malaysia.