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Great Snorkeling Vacation Destinations

Great Snorkeling Vacation Destinations
Rick Adams

Snorkeling can be a thrilling experience. Watching fish swim past you in schools and looking at bright coral is something that the eye can hardly believe. The world is full of excellent snorkeling spots that any avid snorkeler will love. Before you take your next snorkeling trip, check out these choice locations.

Norman Reef, Australia

Australia boasts some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. The Norman Reef is part of the Great Barrier Reef, and this reef can be accessed by boat. Snorkelers will have access to an array of underwater creates and some of the best reef views in the world. Visits to the Great Barrier Reef can be arranged from the mainland.

Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Islands are largely untouched by overpopulated resorts and too many tourists. Instead, these islands offer visitors large uncluttered beaches and some of the best snorkeling opportunities. When diving into the Indian Ocean, snorkelers will view thousands of underwater creatures include octopi, devil fish, and, of course, plenty of colorful coral.

Utila Honduras

This island is one of the smallest in the Honduras Bay Island area, but it is also one of the best places in the world to view white sharks. White sharks are not dangerous to humans, but these creatures a sight that no snorkeler will soon forget. The best time to visit Utila is from August to October and from March to May.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel has been a top snorkeling and dive spot for centuries. Jacques Cousteau once remarked that Cozumel has the best snorkeling opportunities in the world, and this remains true today. Snorkelers will view sunken planes and ships in addition to underwater life and brilliant corals. Mexico is so close to the US and Canada that flying there is a breeze.


Dominica is an island in the Caribbean that is known for being an unusual snorkeling destination. All snorkelers will delight in visiting Champagne Beach, which is known for volcanic vents that sit just underneath the water. When these vents erupt, millions of small bubbles flow from the vents. As a result, snorkelers will feel as though they are swimming through a large underwater glass of champagne.

Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

Curacao is unlike any other snorkeling destination, since snorkelers don’t have to venture too far into the water in order to see a large array of fish and other species. Curacao Marine Park is a place that no snorkeler should miss, since the park includes fish, dolphins, turtles, and sunken ships to explore.

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