What To Expect For The Future Of Tech

What To Expect For The Future Of Tech

Technology is everywhere. These days, even cooking a meal can involve many forms of tech. Our advancement of technology has had a dramatic impact on our world today. You can’t go anywhere without interacting with circuitry, data and energy. And before you label that statement as hyperbole, consider that not every light in the sky is a celestial body. We have all become inextricably linked to tech. It’s progress is our progress. So where are we going? What can we expect for the future of tech?

The Cloud

Everyone and their grandmother has heard about “the cloud.” Ok, maybe not their grandmother, but the term is certainly becoming ubiquitous, as well it should. Cloud-based technology allows storage and processing to be done off-site. That means your PC device doesn’t need as much memory. It means your PC device doesn’t need as much processing power. It means your PC device can be smaller, thinner, lighter.

CEO of Onlive, Steve Perlman, gives a great demo for Nextwork. In this video, the power of cloud computing becomes obvious. Onlive frees software and applications from the hardware they were designed for, while providing amazing speeds.

Internet Everywhere

Though we exist in a world blessed with WiFi, access to the web is still done primarily via cables. WiFi transmissions have a limited range. If you’ve ever dealt with a WiFi hotspot, you know what I mean. But what if you could access the Net some other way? What if you could log on anywhere?

A professor at the University of Edinburgh faced this question, and answered it. Recently at TED, Harold Haas demoed wireless Internet access, broadcasted over the visible spectrum. In other words, Mr. Haas can turn almost any light source into a transmitter. A special receiver is used to decode the optical data, but the facts remain: Soon, Web access could be everywhere there is light. You can change your pants now. I know I had to.

Wireless Energy

With wireless data on the horizon, there exist one more element that binds us…but not for long. Arguably, the most useful change in technology is yet to come. Imagine never needing to plug-in or recharge a device again. Your cellphone, laptop and pacemaker could soon rely on magnetic resonance to power it – no strings attached. But don’t imagine this technology is far off. We’ve already seen charging docks and pads, but more advanced wireless power devices are soon to hit the market.

At IFA, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, Haier unveiled the world’s first wireless 3D HDTV. Using a technology dubed “WiTricity”, developed by physicist Marin Soljacic at MIT, Haier is the first through the door with a product that is surely representative of the future of technology.

If you’re not excited, you probably don’t have a very good imagination. Maybe you watch too much TV? Maybe not enough. Regardless, it’s plain to see that the future will be as bright as it is informative.

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