3 Useful Firefox Extensions You Should Know About

3 Useful Firefox Extensions You Should Know About

You use Firefox? You must love extensions. Most can’t get enough of them, and for those happy hunters, here’s a fresh batch of addons for you to install.


Been overwhelmed lately by your RSS feed? Welcome to a bright new world. You’ve discovered Feedly, an appealing magazine-style rss feed aggregator. Connect your existing rss account to Feedly to quickly sync your sources and delight in the ease and readability of this extension. Read articles, view full images and watch embedded videos without leaving the page. And, when you find something you’d like, share it on Twitter and Facebook with a couple of clicks. Gain control over your information and enjoy it once again.


For those who like to keep tabs on your online contacts, install Tabble for a speedy way to retrieve your contact’s social details. LinkedIn, Crunchbase, TechCrunch, Facebook and more are available on the right of your browser. Hover your mouse over the icons for a unobtrusive look into your contact’s social profiles. Check out all profiles at once with Tabble.


Now get more out of your email contacts. Gist turns your emails into valuable contacts and adjoins any social info it can find online. Start mining your email contacts for unknown resources. Find out who you’re connected to and how they can be of benefit. Gist is free and useful to anyone who spends their online time in their email account. Offer and opportunity or collaboration in your next email reply. Surprise your connections with how much you know about them.

It may slow things down, but extensions are a must for many Firefox users. Make your life easier with a little browser upgrade. If you’ve come across any little-known extensions, feel free to leave a link in the comments below.

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