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A Tribute to Romana & Lalla Ward

A Tribute to Romana & Lalla Ward

This Doctor Who page is a tribute to both the second Romanadvoratrelundar, who we all just call ‘Romana’ and to the actress who played her, Lalla Ward. Just look at that punim!


A bit of info about Lalla:

  • She was born on June 28, 1951 in England
  • Her full name is (The Honourable) Lady Sarah Ward
  • She was on Doctor Who during it’s most exciting and memorable years, from 1979 to 1981
  • She has acted for BBC TV and on stage
  • All things considered, she didn’t do that much acting which is probably why she is best known for her role as Romana II
  • She married Tom Baker (the most memorable Doctor) in December of 1980. They got divorced 16 months later.
  • She later ended up marrying Richard Dawkins (One of the most famous biologists on the planet and noted author of ‘The Selfish Gene’
  • She currently devotes her life to her family
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