Unique Cocktail Spot Le Shaker Hits Montreal

Unique Cocktail Spot Le Shaker Hits Montreal

Le Shaker just officially opened in Montreal and the hip crowds are all over it. I was already quite familiar with the resto-bar chain from their Trois-Rivieres location (where I’m a regular!) and was super excited to learn of their impending arrival in my new home city, Montreal.

A Notable Location on The Main

Located on St. Laurent street, locals will immediately recognize its location: Former Montreal hotspot Buenanotte, the supper club that entertained the city’s VIPs and international celebrities for decades. It closed with claims of higher rent not being sustainable. Le Shaker is a perfect replacement for the area.

One of the house specialties.

Tartare & Burgers

Le Shaker is famous for their tartares and burgers. During a recent media soft launch party, I sampled the Asian, and the two-salmon tartares which were both flavourful. We were also treated to sliders which were the mini version of their full sized BLT burger (which I’ve also savoured in Trois-Rivieres #highlyrecommended!).

Tartare enthusiasts can’t go wrong here!

Cocktails Galore

While the food sampling was a nice touch, it had little to do with their carefully crafted drink menu. Their signature, mason jar served cocktails are definitely made to impress.

I tried the Funky Moka Frio, an iced coffee spiked with Dr. McGillicudy’s that was perfect for that hot summer evening (and the girl in your life who can never get enough iced coffee!). I followed that up with a classic; a cesar, which was topped with an olive and a piece of bacon.

The cocktail options at Le Shaker are varied and refreshing.

A Unique Approach

Le Shaker differentiates itself in several ways. Among the most notable being that they host specialty events like “wine at cost” nights.

Should you go?

Yes, if you’re looking for a place with good music and to try elaborate cocktails with friends. Yes, if you’re a tartare or burger enthusiast. And finally, yes if you’re looking for different specials throughout the week (psst, don’t forget the wine at cost nights!).

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