Jess Abran

A voice raised in the Laurentians of Quebec that was born to entertain. Jess has worked closely with the likes of The GamerNerdz, MTL Blog, Bell Media, Virgin Radio and Montreal Comiccon as a Freelance Entertainment Host. She has also appeared in feature films that have been nominated for Hollywood film awards (2012). At a young age, Jess was taken under the wing of Producer to the stars Paul Northfield, who's worked with such talents as RUSH, Black Sabbath, Moist, and Courtney Love among others. Working together for many years eventually led to her music tour across Europe where she collaborated with many other musicians and took part in the Berlin MELT Festival. Her personality and unique style are not something you'll likely forget. Her music is reminiscent of 90s Trip/Hop with Jazzy undertones, her vocals have a gritty texture that will send shivers down your spine. Now working with guitarist Bob Joy and two musicians from Toronto, she is nearing the release of her third album. Her travels along with her traits have garnered her the name Montreal Pirate.