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From Dragons Den to Your Plate: Carnivore Club Review

From Dragons Den to Your Plate: Carnivore Club Review

From a business perspective, I’m a big fan of selling items with residual income. That is, you sign someone up and they pay on a regular (e.g., monthly) basis. Monthly subscription services have become extremely popular, selling a wide range of products from designer dog food to geeky items and everything in between.

Meat-of-the-month Club

It was only a matter of time until a curated meat-of-the-month club would get started. After all, there are countless meat-lovers out there and many are a little more choosy about their meat choices. That’s where Carnivore Club comes in. The company delivers artisanal meats to your door each month.

Carnivore Club was founded by Tim Ray and Matthew Cloutier, from Toronto. These entrepreneurs had previous success with another food business and decided to invest in this new venture in 2013.

Multiple Dragons Den Appearances

If you’re a frequent viewer of Dragons Den, you may have caught their initial appearance where Dragon David Chilton invested in the company, and the update showing how quickly they have grown, expanding to international markets. With over a million dollars in sales, the company is doing very well!

Is it worth it?

Yes! The meats were tasty and the experience was educational. If anything, try one month just to see if it’s for you.

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