Carol Myers

Carol Myers

Where are you from?
I’m a model living in Las Vegas. Originally from San Diego, California, I am a very different type of girl!

Any special skills?
My father use to own a towing and repair service when I was growing up and a limo service! So I am very happy to know how to change my own oil, tires, and even the timing belt! Same with driving a limo! On the other hand, my Japanese mother taught me how to cook! My specialty is BBQ and grilling (my father said Japanese food is fine but steaks and burgers are a way to a mans heart!!!) So let’s just say I cook a mean steak:) I grew up ridding on Harleys at age 10. I love the feeling of the peacefulness and freedom you feel when going on a long ride!

What do you do aside from modeling?
I am a certified Personal trainer and have trained many clients since 1998. Now I just train 3 private clients when they are in Las Vegas. I have become a loan officer recently here in Las Vegas and love it!!! The growth out here is UNBELIEVABLE!

Tell us more about you.
I am a Gemini and we get bored very easily, so I keep myself busy in all different types of fields. One very proud moment in life I had was in 1998. I received an honorary life saving award in the city of San Diego, California for saving the life (CPR until medics arrived) of a 3- year- old girl who was floating face down in the Jacuzzi. It was great because the girl survived with NO injuries what so ever!

What are your stats and measurements?

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 104 lbs
Chest: 34D
Waist: 23
Hips: 34
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Ethnicity: 1/2 German & 1/2 Japanese

What kind of modeling do you want to do?
Bikini swimwear, lingerie, Maxim-style semi-nude, glamour, editorial, promotional, Internet modeling, commercials, and shows.

List some of your experiences.
I have modeled swim wear, fitness wear and exotic wear for Illusion by Aggie (Catalog), Aljo’s Fashions, Swim Wear and contest winner for Tropics Suntan lotions, and  and ad for 24 Hour fitness.  Conventions: Orange V Girl (vodka company), Night club & Bar convention & WSWA, Computer Show (Venetian), and Visual Oasis (VIP Host).

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