Hilarious Time-Wasting Websites

Hilarious Time-Wasting Websites

The internet, much like the world, is a bustling hive of activity. Information exchanges are powering an immense engine of productivity. But let’s face it. Despite its amazing ability to engage, you still get bored.

The internet is filled with roaming populace looking for something entertainment. Lucky for them, the net is also filled with hilarious time-sinks that will keep you laughing well past your bedtime. Watch out! Here are a few of them now!

Effingfunny is a great website that hosts a range of stand-up comedy video clips as well as their own original web productions. If you’ve heard of The Legend of Neil, you’ve heard of Effingfunny. Find popular comedians and discover some new favorites while you’re at it. Got time to spare? You better.

At Funny or Die, you get to decide which comedy clips survive. Here, you’ll find currated content from the web/ Additional, the community uploads user-generated content. This site is great for keeping up on what’s popular in the online world of hilarity. Got a minute? Got two hundred and forty?

For the ADHD among us, behold 5 Second Films. It’s like Family Guy without the story. Sit back and take in punchline after punchline. The site has only one purpose: to serve up the funniest and shortest video clips you’ve ever seen. Give it a try. It’ll only take 5 seconds. Unless you’ve got a ulnar nerve. Google it.

Want to be a part of an online community of hilarious individuals obsessed with being funny? No, you don’t. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from spraying your wit all over Zug. Share your greatest pranks, and comedic tales, on a site dedicated to teh Funny. Time-Sink Factor 10.

The news been getting you down lately? You’re just not watching the right stuff. Sure, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report do a wonderful job injecting much needed humor into world news, but they’re constrained by reality and facts. If you’re willing to do without these, The Onion is indeed America’s finest news source. You thought mainstream media was a waste of time.

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