La Ronde Uses Chaos to Keep Up With the Times

La Ronde Uses Chaos to Keep Up With the Times

I come from a small town far off the island of Montreal but my family always made it a tradition to have a summer outing in the city at least once a year. La Ronde is therefore a significant part of my childhood memories. Being the natural nostalgic individual that I am, I was super excited to get exclusive access to the park during a recent media and VIP event. I felt as if I was invited to enter the behind-the-scenes of a major part of the city’s culture.

Ready or Not: Chaos

A few days before the official opening date for the summer 2019 season, Citynet Magazine’s editor-in-chief Brian Rotsztein and I made our way to La Ronde’s site. At the top of our list was the park’s newest attraction: Chaos.

The circular-shaped rollercoaster features a seven-story loop that sends its riders back and forth, completing 360° turns and leaving them suspended upside down for a few seconds mid-course to increase the intensity of the experience.

…you can see the fear in uncle Roger’s eyes upon the pendulum style takeoff of this speeding cart of terror…

Twenty four people can ride at a time in a face-to-face seating position. That way, you can see the fear in uncle Roger’s eyes upon the pendulum style takeoff of this speeding cart of terror.

La Ronde boasts an ever-growing list of thrilling (and terrifying!) rides. This year’s addition of Chaos helps keep this popular Montreal amusement park in touch with visitors.

I have to admit that while I do enjoy roller coasters, I wasn’t brave enough to try it. However, watching it in action from a distance gave me enough chills for the night!

What is a Montreal attraction without food?

If you love to discover cultures through your stomach, but you aren’t able to make it across the river this year, La Ronde’s got your back. From September 7th through 15th, the park will be hosting its second edition of Bavarian Weekends, where you will be taken on a delicious journey featuring German-inspired dishes.

Healthy Food Options Available

Should you want to keep things light and fresh this summer, it is indeed possible to eat green foods at La Ronde. On-site restaurants like Au Bol and Au Comptoir Frais will provide you with healthy dining options between rides.

Season Dining Pass

Of course, if you feel like you can handle burgers, fries, and Le Boomerang five minutes after, most restaurants on the park will suit your extreme desires. Plan on fueling up often? Save your family some money by opting for a season dining pass.

A Perfect Summer Evening with Fireworks

The international fireworks show (L’internationale des Feux Loto-Québec, IFLQ) has illuminated the eyes of youngsters for 34 years on St. Helen’s island, and this summer’s program won’t disappoint. From June 29th to July 27th, the night skies of Montreal will be a little more colourful for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Fan of 80s music? Don’t miss out on opening night, Throwback 1985, where you will enjoy fireworks to the beats of Madonna, Bryan Adams, Genesis, and other popular artists of that decade.

Celebrate Halloween for 9 Days

Once again, La Ronde will be offering the scariest thematic event in the city, Fright Fest, starting October 5. Ever dreamed of seeing a live zombie apocalypse? This is your chance! Thrills guaranteed. Le Monstre not to scale.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Your Visit

  • If you are like me, you know that as soon as May hits, you need your daily dose of FPS. To dodge the whole lobster look, take your sunscreen in the park with you and apply it often.
  • To avoid major headaches, make sure you stay hydrated during those full days under the sun.
  • Take advantage of unlimited drink refills for a small fee with your reusable season bottle at different spots in the park.
  • Don’t forget to hop on the classic Le Splash, which will also help you keep cool!

Now that I live in Montreal, I can get a taste of my childhood with visits to La Ronde all summer! Enjoy your outing at La Ronde. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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