Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Summer Bash: French Riviera in Old Montreal

Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue Summer Bash: French Riviera in Old Montreal

On a recent summer evening, Brian and I were invited to the Grey Goose Boulangerie Bleue media event. Given last year’s Grey Goose Summer Soiree where we interviewed Grey Goose brand ambassador Julien Lafond, this was sure to be a fun night!

This year’s event took place at Scena, a hall in the central part of the Old Port in Old Montreal.

Upon Arrival…

I arrived with my girlfriends, and even though I nearly broke my ankle walking on the cobble stone streets in 5 inch heels, it was worth it!

We opened the doors to discover that the entrance was transformed into a traditional French bakery. We were greeted with the smell of fresh bread and bubbly lime Grey Goose cocktails. We wandered through carb-heaven, to find Brian and were led out onto a beautiful patio, where the party took place, which overlooked the canal.

Party Highlights

The party was themed in the spirit French Riviera. The combination of the dress code, French cuisine, Blue and White nautical decor and food, really did the trick to make you feel transported.

There were many Snapchat-able and Instagram worthy moments, from a boat converted to a day bed, to flashing, floating clouds that looked like they were straight out of a dream!

Montreal Socialites

Montreal’s bloggers, socialites and local celebrities were dressed in airy outfits. The ice-cold, Grey Goose cocktails were the highlight of the event and  key to beating the heat of one of the hottest nights of the year!

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