Carly Heffernan’s She the People To Be Performed at Just For Laughs

Carly Heffernan’s She the People To Be Performed at Just For Laughs

Montreal gets to shine once again this summer as the world’s most prestigious comedy festival, Just for Laughs, gets underway. We sat down with Carly Heffernan, Director of She The People to get an inside view of what to expect from Second City’s newest show.

The Good, the Bad, and the Hilarious

We chatted with writer, director, producer, actor, and comedian, Carly Heffernan about what kind of heat she’ll be bringing with Second City production, She The People. It’s a sketch show about being a woman in 2019 which she herself describes as, “The good, the bad, and a focus on the hilarious.”

Smart Comedy for Smart Audiences

She The People, a show created by women but really is FOR everyone, has been greatly received by audiences. From multi-generational families attending together, avid super fans, bachelorette parties, and even guys fearing a roast, all can’t help but chuckle.

Heffernan, who directs the Second City production says audiences have been amazing and that the show is for people who appreciate smart comedy regardless of background.

Is it political?

When asked if the political climate of today has been a rich source of material, Heffernan doesn’t skip a beat when letting us know.

“Oh yeah, absolutely. [but] I’ll never be too thankful for it to be honest. Because we’re all such unique and complex human beings, even if we were in a time of ‘hypothetical political peace and perfection,’ there would still be things to satirize. Everybody looks at the world differently and when we’re satirizing something, we really are doing just that. We’re taking something we disagree with and putting it on stage in a humorous way.”

Second City Show Comes to Montreal

The show first played in Chicago in 2017 to a great reception and has had iterations created for Washington DC, and most recently, Toronto, with an all Canadian female cast. She The People will play in Montreal for the first time for audiences July 22-27 during the 2019 Justs for Laughs Festival.

“It felt so good to bring it back home to Canada… and to now be invited to Montreal. Just for Laughs is such an amazing festival. It feels like a real right of passage as a comedian so, we’re all feeling particularly honored but we’re also feeling particularly proud because we are bringing unique and authentic voices that have traditionally been marginalized, especially in the comedy and entertainment industry.”

Starting her comedy career with the Second City Tour Company performing in Toronto, Heffernan fell in love with sketch comedy and has never looked back. Look for her as she continues touring She the People this summer or catch her work on television’s Second Jen on Omni. Head to to find out more about her upcoming television projects.

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