Quebec Winter Carnival Review

Quebec Winter Carnival Review

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure without traveling too far off the beaten path, I suggest checking out the Quebec Winter Carnival (locals call it the Carnaval de Quebec). It’s an annual two week party that is held in Quebec City.

I’ve been there several times, the last of which was last year. You can read my Quebec Carnival review for that trip. Once again, I stayed at the Quebec Hilton Hotel which is one of the best hotels to stay in if you intend to visit the city during the Carnival.

Here is a photojournalist overview of some of the highlights of this year’s event:

Bikini Party!
This event was basically a bikini party in the snow! A bunch of guys and girls put their bathing suits on and did all kinds of activities for the crowd.

Giant Monsters
These guys walked around, in the snow, on the ice, you name it. They were quite entertaining, fart jokes and all (not my scene personally but many people reading would find it funny, I’m sure). Yes, these monsters really were over twice as tall as the guy in the photo.

This is a bird’s eye view of the night parade. You can see the fire bursting out of one of the parade floats which was uber cool! In the background, you can see the ice castle where many activities take place.

Snow & Ice Sculptures
There’s an array of ice and snow sculptures on the main carnival grounds. The cool thing is that you can watch them get carved during the first few days of the festival. As you can see, there are some original snow sculptures to check out. Many of them show where the sculpting team came from so you can cheer them on as they represent you!

Live Music!
There’s a ton of live music during the event. These girls were beating their drums as people sat around outdoor fireplaces while drinking the famous alcohol-laced-delivered-in-ice-cubes Caribou. If you go, be sure to drink one of these.

Who is Carnival best suited for?

Everyone! Seriously, there are lots of activities for kids but adults will find lots of attractions of interest and party opportunities as well.

Yes, You Should Go!

Here’s the bottom line: If you can handle the cold, you’re considering going, just go! It will be an adventure that you won’t soon forget. One last point to consider, the Ice Hotel moved to a location pretty close to the Carnival this year (you can drive there – it’s about 20 minutes away) and it’s very worth it. Come to the Carnival and check out the Ice Hotel – 2 very cool and unique winter attractions.

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