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6 Must-see Caribbean Islands

6 Must-see Caribbean Islands
Rick Adams

The Caribbean is full of great escapes. While nearly every Caribbean island has its share of sand and sun, many of these islands have much more to offer. There is an island nation for every kind of traveler. Whether you want to gamble or enjoy your love’s company, you’ll find that the Caribbean has it all. Whether you’re flying directly to the island or taking a cruise, take a look at the islands listed below – you’re sure to find one location that suits your vacation needs.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect island to choose if you like to gamble. Not only can you enjoy the beach life that Puerto Rico offers, but you can also spend lots of time at the Old San Juan casinos. Vegas-type casinos line Old San Juan’s glitzy hotels, and you’ll find lots of games await your gambling side.

St. Barts

St. Barts is where the rich and famous go when they want to unwind. You can head to St. Barts too if you enjoy the finer life. Hotels in St. Barts are glamorous, and there’s no shortage of luxury accommodations on this island. View the world’s most prestigious yachts, eat fresh seafood, and enjoy what the lavish life has to offer.

St. Martin

Not only is St. Martin a fantastic place to visit, but it’s also the culinary jewel of the islands. St. Martin has a lot of French influence, which means that tempting restaurants and haute cuisine rule this island. If food is what you’re after, St. Martin is the island for you.


The Bahamas is the ultimate family-centered island. This island has many hotels that cater specifically to families. In addition, the Bahamas is not that far away from many North American spots. Visit the Atlantis Resort for an amazing kid-friendly vacation. You should also consider the Bahamas Out Islands which are smaller and most of which are more pristine (albeit less luxurious).

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is known as the honeymooner’s island. If romance is what you’re after, St. Lucia is the place for you. Many of the hotels on this island attempt to entice couples with great packages and romantic offerings.

Dominican Republic

There’s a lot of history here which is evident in the local culture. The beautiful beaches and waterways, and great weather add a nice touch. The Dominican is also largely known as a party island to tourists, and this island draws a younger crowd. It’s no Ibiza but it can be a for spring break or for a short getaway with the guys, the Dominican Republic is a great spot.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten tends to attract a gay and lesbian crowd. If you’re looking for nightclubs and restaurants that cater to an alternate lifestyle, St. Maarten is the island that you’ve been searching for. Note that St. Maarteen and St. Martin are different parts of the same island and each has their own atmosphere and local styles.

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