Retro Expo Expands Into Larger Venue

Retro Expo Expands Into Larger Venue

The first Montreal Retro Expo this year took place this past Sunday and it was a tremendous success. The event attracted an astounding 1,700 fans of comic books, video games, toys, board games and tons of other collectables. Several artists and podcasters/videocasters were on site to meet fans. A handful of cosplayers were there as well.

While past events were held at Ruby Foo’s Hotel, this one took place at the Delta Hotel in Downtown Montreal. This location was especially nostalgic for many, including yours truly, because long before the mega-sized Montreal Comiccon experience came to the city, this was where the big shows took place. We’re talking this exact room! I personally had a table at many events here some 20 odd years ago, selling comic books.

Notable New Booths

There were some real talents among the highlights of the show.

For one, it was the debut of The Candy Booth, which sells sci-fi themed candy. They actually created home-made chocolate in the form of Han Solo frozen in carbonate and R2-D2. I didn’t find a BB-8 but they were impressive nonetheless. They’ll be at Montreal Comiccon this summer as well.

Another great booth was featured artist Thomas Deer who has done tremendous work on Transformers. Check out the photo gallery. He is a visionary talent.

Next, the guys from the All The Nerds  video cast were there. Nicolas, Jonathan, Justin and Mark were on hand to chat with fans and sell their comic book stuff.

The final notable I’ll mention is David Abramson of 8-bit Wood. Otherwise known as Chainsaw Dave, he sells design patterns of retro 8-bit games on cutting boards. You have to touch them to see how smooth they are. Really impressive.

Everyone I spoke with really enjoyed themselves. At a meager $5 to get in, it was a worthwhile event.

Here’s a photo gallery of what you missed!

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