The Montreal Retro Expo: A Review in Pictures

The Montreal Retro Expo: A Review in Pictures

In case you couldn’t make it to Montreal’s second Retro Expo, here’s what you missed!

The convention took place at the Ruby Foo’s Hotel. There were two dealer rooms filled with toys, action figures, comic books, artists, more toys, video games, DVDs, keychains, t-shirts, cosplayers and so much more oldies but goodies meant to make you feel nostalgic (and buy stuff!).

Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Atari, My Little Pony, Transformers, Nintendo… they were all well represented at the show! It was a great time filled with memorabilia. Don’t miss the next one!

We’ve also got a behind the scenes video from the last Retro Expo!

All photos copyright Brian Rotsztein. Please contact us for permission before use.

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