Should You Date Someone at Work?

Should You Date Someone at Work?
Rick Adams

You’ve probably heard that dating a co-worker is a bad idea. Yet, as the old adage goes, there are two sides to every coin. On the one hand, dating a co-worker can complicate things at work. On the other hand, dating a co-worker has many added benefits that other types of relationships can’t compete with. Should you date someone at work?

Dating Your Co-Worker Pros

The benefits of dating your co-worker are many. Here are some things that might make an office relationship great:

  • Understanding: if you’ve had a hard day, your mate will understand your pain.
  • An Increase in Time: who else gets to see their mate around-the-clock?
  • A Solid Relationship: you’ll have plenty of time to get to know another person before you begin to date.
  • Commonality: you’ll probably share many important work details, have the same arguments, and see work the same way.
  • Advice: if your lover is great at presenting you with an opposing view, you can rely on a co-worker to help you see a work-related problem differently.
  • A Peaceful Workplace: if you need to escape work stresses, all you have to do is look your love in the eye.

Dating Your Co-Worker Cons

Where positive aspects of dating a co-worker exist, there are also a few negative aspects to consider. Below, you will find some reasons why dating your co-worker may not be a great idea.

  • Gossip: workplace gossip can be worse than high school gossip. If you have a fight or have problems, you can bet the whole office will be buzzing with news of your relationship.
  • Tension: when you have a lover’s spat, your office will no longer be your haven. Instead, you will have to face your significant other regularly – and act civilly.
  • Envy: if you’re dating a superior, be prepared to deal with some office envy. No matter how hard you try to stop your relationship from affecting your work relationship, other people are going to become envious.
  • No Time Apart: most couples spend their days apart from one another. This won’t be the case if you work with your partner. Sometimes, spending too much time together is not a positive thing.

The best way to avoid any tension in the workplace is to keep your relationship under wraps until it is absolutely necessary to tell people. Once you are certain that you have a solid relationship, you can tell your superiors (unless, of course, dating in your workplace is forbidden) — then, and only then, should you tell your other co-workers.

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