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Dating Advice for Rich Bachelors

Dating Advice for Rich Bachelors
Rick Adams

Putting yourself on the dating market as a wealthy bachelor can be risky. If you want to find a down to earth woman who’s not after your money, there are a couple of careful steps that you should take. Otherwise, you could end up with someone who doesn’t like you as much as she likes your money.

Keep Self Exposure to a Minimum

Resist the urge to tell every woman you date about your current financial situation. Attempting to attract a mate by flashing your funds is a bad idea – unless, of course, you want to attract someone who’s only interested in your money. Otherwise, keep your current financial situation far from the eyes of a new love interest.

Instead of flashing diamond rings and yachts, take a date to a low-key restaurant or on some other average-priced adventure. While you don’t want to appear cheap, you also want to avoid looking like a millionaire. By the time the first date ends, you should be able to tell whether or not you get along with a girl.

Avoid a Quick Move-In

If your current girlfriend has just found out about your financial situation, look for signs of greed. One of the first signs that a girl is only interested in your money is a relationship that suddenly speeds up. If the girl you have been dating now wants to move into your place, think twice about your relationship.

Of course, if you have been dating a girl for more than one year, moving in together may be a natural next step. Just be wary of any girl who lets her lease lapse two months after meeting her. More often than not, these women are only interested in making a money match.

Keep Things Separate

No matter how serious your relationship is, always keep your funds separate from your girlfriend’s. Allowing anyone else access to your bank account is never a good idea. It’s also a bad choice to combine bank accounts with someone who has less money than you do.

Be on extreme guard if a new girl wants to know what your account number is or asks you to disclose personal financial information. Dates don’t have to be paid for separately, but it’s always a good sign if a girl wants to pay for one or two dates. A girl who is financially independent is a girl who won’t fall in love with your money.

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