Shows Like The Walking Dead

Shows Like The Walking Dead

If you’re a fan of the best zombie apocalypse show in television history, The Walking Dead, this article is for you! Whether you watch the show week to week or on-demand (Netflix, HuluPlus, etc), you always want more. I know the feeling. I’m with you. I’ve found a few alternatives to keep me going between episodes.

The Walking Dead Comic Book

First, try the comic book that The Walking Dead TV show originated from. The characters are the same but the story is very different. I’ve been reading comic books on and off for 25 years or so and this is one of the best to date. It’s really a fantastic read.

I read it like a novel and couldn’t put it down. From the comic, I got the same felling I get when I’m doing a marathon session of an entire season of a TV show where you just have to watch that next episode right away and don’t want to wait.

The comic book series is currently on issue 108 but you can buy “The Walking Dead Compendiums”  which carry issues 1-48 (in volume 1) and issues 49-96 (in volume 2). Beware, these books are physically heavy! The compendiums will get you most of the story and bring you up to date. You can also get “Walking Dead Vol. 17” which reprints issues 97-102. Issue 100 is particularly shocking (as if the rest of the story isn’t, LOL!) as a major character unexpectedly suffers a horrific death. The Walking Dead Vol. 18 with reprints of issues 103-108 will be out in June 2013. The reason to buy the volumes and not the month to month issues is price (it’s more expensive to buy it monthly) but also story continuity (you get more out of it by reading a few issues back to back).

I highly recommend reading these, especially after you’ve watched the show and can think of the actors as you read. It’s much better to watch the show then read it as opposed to the other way around.

TV Shows

If you have Netflix, I suggest trying the British show “Survivors.” I find it similar to The Walking Dead in some ways. A virus kills most of the planet and you follow an interesting group of people that you get to know (and cause you to cringe) while outsiders come along, cause problems, etc. The core characters and the chemistry between them is interesting. For example, one of the survivors is a murderer who was in prison but the group he’s hanging out with doesn’t know that. He does some of their dirty work. Kind of like Daryl. There was actually an older version of Survivors and the more recent one is a remake.

Another show with an interesting cast and good story is “Jericho.” It’s the story of how 14 US cities get nuked and the town of Jericho is not far from one of the blasts. It’s an ensemble cast where we follow different stories of the people living in town or on nearby farms. Of course, there’s a suspicious person living amongst the locals who knows more than he’s saying which helps keep things interesting. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but season two is not as good as season although the premise of how the country is getting rebuilt hits so close to home, it’s no wonder the show was cancelled. Ask yourself who runs your country? I mean really runsit.  This is one show you have to watch. Your future might depend on it.


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