The Game of Thrones Drinking Game

The Game of Thrones Drinking Game

The rules of the Game of Thrones drinking game are simple. While watching an episode, do the following:

  1. Get your favourite alcohol ready. Preferably something you can drink as shots.
  2. Drink every time one of the items in the list below happens.
  3. Have fun!

The list…

  • There’s a comment about Tyrion Lannister being small
  • A dragon shoots fire from its mouth
  • Someone says “Winter is coming”
  • Anyone refers to Jon Snow as a bastard
  • Whenever someone says “Khaleesi”
  • Whenever Tyrion makes a self deprecating remark
  • Whenever Hodor says “Hodor”
  • When someone gets killed
  • When someone draws  sword
  • When someone is/gets naked
  • When someone mentions the “kingslayer”
  • When someone says “a Lannister always pays his debts”
  • When someone says “my lord” or “my grace” or some variation thereof
  • When someone takes a drink of alcohol (Bonus: Drink twice for this one!)

Enjoy! (But drink responsibly!)

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