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Small Cruise Ship Vacation Advantages

Small Cruise Ship Vacation Advantages
Rick Adams

When you’re on the lookout for cruise ship deals and vacation packages, you should consider smaller cruise ships. Everyone always thinks that bigger is better but that’s not necessarily true. Not to mention that large cruise ships are not always an option, depending on your travel goals.

Smaller cruise ships are ideal for a number of reasons, yet they also have their drawbacks. Taking the time to learn about the pros and cons of a small cruise ship is the best way to choose the cruise that’s right for you. You may find that the benefits of a small ship outweigh the limitations, though the opposite could also be true.

Better Positioning

Smaller cruise ships can often dock in the middle of towns, while larger ships will be confined to one (often crowded) docking area. Those that want to see more of a town while traveling may want to seriously consider a smaller ship.

Fewer People

Big cruise ships can hold thousands of people. This means that you’ll be dining and living next to a large crowd of people during your trip. In addition to on-board crowd issues, you’ll also have to wait in line to disembark if you choose a large ship.

Remote Destinations

Smaller ships can often visit destinations that larger ships cannot. If you are looking for a vacation that is a bit off the beaten path, then a smaller ship is the way to go.

Limited Activities

You won’t find hundreds of activities and amenities on a smaller ship. While some activities will still exist, you have to consider that they will be much more limited. Make sure that you, your significant other, friends and family (essentially whoever cruises with you!) are ready for some restrictions on activities compared to the larger cruise ships.

Fewer Singles

Smaller ships usually have less single people on board than larger ships. This means that activities geared towards single people will be scarce. That saud, it may be easier to find and approach other singles which could play in your favor bigtime.


Most small ships don’t have elevators, which might pose a problem for elderly or handicapped travelers. In addition, many small ships can’t accommodate too many wheelchairs.

Clearly, there are some things to think about before choosing the right ship for your trip. If you want a more intimate setting, then a smaller ship is the right choice. If you desire lots of entertainment, plenty of activities, and tons of amenities, then a larger ship is probably the right option for you.

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