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The Official Guide to Bikini Teams

The Official Guide to Bikini Teams
Randall Stephens

Update! This page has become the Internet’s single most popular bikini team directory and information source! If you’re serious about bikini teams, this is THE place to find them! A bikini team isn’t official until it’s in the official directory! Thanks for your support and keep visiting! If you contact the bikini teams, be sure to tell them you found them at CitynetMagazine.com!
This is the Internet’s official guide to bikini teams. Below you will find websites and descriptions of popular bikini teams.

Aside From the Obvious, What is a Bikini Team?

Bikini teams have been around for a long time in various forms. Some of the bikini teams are actual teams that go on tour and get hired to promote products, events, and services. Other bikini teams exist just to spread the word about the women in the team so they collectively call themselves members of a team. Still other bikini teams aren’t really teams at all! They are photography and modeling agencies looking to promote their own talent.

What makes for a great team?

On the outside, a bikini team is a group of hot babes “enhancing” the atmosphere. In reality, having a great bikini team depends on much more than the women alone. Some other factors include the points below. Note that few teams actually have all of these criteria. Still, from an Internet perspective, eye candy is eye candy!

  • Hot models who are professional and can travel to cover events.
  • Members with outgoing personalities suitable for promotions.
  • The manager gets the team a lot of exposure. Good PR and marketing both online and in the real world are important. This includes a lot of group photos with the women in bikinis and in a team uniform or team colors.
  • The ability to hire the bikini team for events, not just individual models.
  • Products that fans can purchase such as a bikini team calendar and autographed photos of the team members.
  • The bikini team is permanent (not just assembled for a promotional event such as a car show – although that rocks as well!!).
  • A great website to promote the team.

The List

The bikini teams closer to the top of this directory are among the more traditional idea of what a bikini team is (think of the last scene in Dumb and Dumber with Jim Carrey). For some reason, most of the bikini teams out there have a totally crappy website, regardless of the success of the team.


The Kwicherbichen Bikini Team has bikini babes in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Arizona. This team consists of an incredible array of very hot and stunning women. Check out the Citynet Magazine Kwicherbichen Bikini Team feature. Bikini Goddess and Miss August Bree Andre is a member of this team.

The Midwest Bikini Team features hotties from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The team is active and even does charity work! Update: This company is now a promotional marketing company which places beautiful women.

The Pennsylvania Bikini Team consists of what they call junior and senior bikini  models. You can meet these bikini team babes at the various events that they list. Some of these include the Pittsburgh Boat Show, charity car washes, among other events.

The National Bikini Team consists of babes from around the US. This is now a promotional and events company that places women.

The US National Bikini Team teacher scandal is a different bikini team (see below).

Utah / A-list
The Utah Bikini Team / Utah’s A-List Bikini Team is actually owned by professional swimsuit model, Toni Pendleton Brown, who won her first Hawaiian Tropic contest at the age of 17! This team has sponsors and is active in getting attention.

Cajun Spice
The Cajun Spice Girls Bikini Team consists of hot Louisiana models. The team gets hired to do a lot of promotional work both public and private. The site has lots of free bikini photos of each member and group shots. Of course, you can’t go wrong seeing hotties with fishing rods!  Note: It looks like this team may have recently disbanded.

Sotuh Beach, Miami, Florida, & South Florida
All of these bikini teams are part of the National Bikini Team.

More Bikini Teams
Note that we will not link to any pay sites. Unfortunately, some of the bikini teams we use to promote in this list for free have become pay sites.

The Louisiana Bikini Team actually has an impressive looking website.
This team is a showcase for professional and amateur models. The team models in swimwear, fashion and lingerie. They also have a calendar (as do many of the teams in this list).

New Jersey
The New Jersey Bikini Team is an impressive group. Many of their models get hired through team events. Decent website, with nice cleavage! Ha ha! Vote for who you want to be the next member in their bikini contest.

The official website of the Swedish Bikini Team features, not surprisingly, a group of hot blond babes. Team Captain Vendela leads a handful of hotties. The original team started as a promotional campaign for Old Milwaukee Beer about a decade ago and comprised of actresses. They got so big that Playboy featured them in their January 1992 edition. This is a small team and their current web site is infrequently updated. 

The Extreme Bikini Team is an impressive assembly of fitness babes and great swimsuit photography. It features such bikini babes as Citynet Magazine Miss June DeeAnn Donovan. Lots of hot photos of bikini babes. This site seems to be more of a collection of hotties than an actual team.

The Texas Bikini Team website was a tremendous mess the last time it was checked.

USA National
The USA National Bikini Team is a Florida-based bikini team. They clearly have some of the most attractive and curvaceous young talents of all the bikini teams. Their beautiful models definitely make the site worth a visit!

February 2007: The team website is down for legal reasons and will remain that way for a while. Also, educator Erica Chevillar (seen below) is being featured in Playboy this month.

Erica LeeErica Chevillar who is a member of the USA National Bikini Team is a West Boca Raton High School teacher. The 25-year-old first-year social studies teacher was recently in trouble for posing in her bikini and lingerie while she was in college. A parent complained and the rest is history. On the bikini team her name is Erica Lee.

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