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Uber for Buses: Montreal Startup Share The Bus Taking Off

Uber for Buses: Montreal Startup Share The Bus Taking Off

The next time you want to go to an EDM party, rock concert, or other outdoor festival, leave your car at home and take the bus! A fast growing startup called Share The Bus has figured out a way to save people time and money, help the environment, reduce traffic and parking woes at major events, all in one shot.

How it Works

Decide on the event you want, check Share The Bus website to see if they have a bus going to that destination and if they do, book your seat. If the bus fills up, passengers get a discount.

If there isn’t a bus going to where you want to go, initiate a trip and get people to join.

Why it Works

The company was founded by Kyle Boulay and Wolf Kohlberg who are in the process of growing the company thanks to investments. I met up with the two when I attended like Founder Fuel Demo Day where they presented their startup to the audience, in search of more investors. I was very impressed.

According to their research, buses sit empty 75% of the time. Companies are eager to fill the buses and get them on the road. Fewer cars at a major event means no parking issues, less gas wasted, and no drunk driving.

It also means you get to meet lots of like-minded to fans to hang out with (if you want) at the event.


Wolf Kohlberg and Kyle Boulay of Share The Bus making an appearance at a Founder Fuel event in Montreal.

The sharing economy is taking off and services like this are getting increasingly popular.

So the next time you’re coming from out of town and want to check out events like Piknic Electronik, Amnesia Rockfest, Heavy MTL, Ile Soniq, or the Stan Rogers Folk Festival, you might want to give Share The Bus a try.

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  1. Avatar

    Ginger Yi

    May 21, 2015 at 2:59 am

    Uber for buses? Really? Good idea, but it doesn’t exactly provide on-demand buses…
    Part of the sharing economy, sure. Uber-like, definitely not.

  2. Avatar

    Anton Iancu

    May 21, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    @Ginger Yi, IMHO it absolutely does provide on-demand buses, but the ideal audience is not just a single individual, but rather a group as you can’t “taxi” a whole bus for 2-3 people (that’s what Uber is for).

    That also means that you don’t just call it 15 minutes in advance, as with any group, it takes a bit of coordination. I can very well see myself using this service when organizing outings with 15-20 people, with only a few days of head notice. At the moment you’d have to go through several bus companies, check their individual availability, etc.



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