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10 Reasons to Vacation in the Bahamas

10 Reasons to Vacation in the Bahamas

With 29 islands, 661 cays and over 2,000 islets, the Bahamas provide an exotic playground to adventure-thirsty tourists. Attracting travelers from around the globe, the Bahamas, an English-speaking commonwealth with over 300,000 inhabitants, is practically a stone’s throw from Florida. Be it the colorful reefs in blue waters or the tropical islands dotted with high-class luxury resorts, the Bahamas have something for everyone. Here are ten reasons to take your next vacation in the Bahamas.

(1) Incredible Resorts

Testing the limits of imagination, the Bahamas have an abundance of super resorts that give travelers the experience of a lifetime. Serving up beachside cocktails and an endless list of activities in a setting fit for royalty, the all-inclusive resorts that decorate many of the islands are out of this world.

(2) Untouched Islands

Some of the islands are still pristine and have not been over-run with tourists. Take a trip to Andros Island which is an remarkable place notwithstanding the fact that it’s right near Florida. This pristine island is home to only a handful of hotels and beach houses, and you can live like a local if you want to!

(3) Cultural Experience

Because much of the indigenous population was moved out by European settlers and the slave trade ensured the Bahamas is predominantly comprised of West African descendants, there is a very special mix of cultures that has developed over the last four centuries. Many tourists are fascinated by the colorful garb and traditional lifestyles of the island inhabitants.

(4) Historical Exploration

Christopher Columbus first landed in the Bahamas back in 1492, making contact with the some 30,000 Lucayans that inhabited the islands. This moment in history led to a long and interesting evolution in the social landscape as the Bahamas slowly grew into the commonwealth it is today. Some tourists love to explore the long history of the islands as they enjoy the sun and sand.

(5) Adventure

All the islands are flat, rising only 66 feet at their highest point, but both land and water are loaded with wildlife and vegetation unlike anywhere else in the world. From the white, sandy beaches and eye-catching coral to the brilliant birds and exquisite vegetation, tourists treasure the Bahamas for the natural diversity.

(6) Rated “For All”

Whether you visit the Bahamas as a couple of single friends or you’re looking for a family vacation, there’s are many options for you. Look into the various islands and you’ll likely find one that suits you.

(7) Nightlife

While some islands can be quiet at night, others are a party all week long. Be it laser light shows and thumping music or live bands and fruity martinis, nightlife on some islands, like the Grand Bahama Island, is unmatched.

(8) Win Big!

There are plenty of casinos to visit in the Bahamas, giving gambling tourists a chance to win some money while vacationing. The Atlantis Resort is one of a handful of Vegas-styled casinos that serve up decent gambling odds and cheap drinks.

(9) World-class Scuba Diving

Bahamas scuba diving trips are among the most unique in the world. Andros Island itself is surrounded by blue holes. Imagine the feeling of fresh water shooting out of the ocean floor!

(10) Famous Fishing

Deep sea fishing, bone fishing, reef fishing, spear fishing… the Bahamian Islands are nestled right in the middle of some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in the world!

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    September 12, 2012 at 2:22 am

    Widen your horizons (and your mind), dude.You’re missing out on a lot of other choices.The prettiest beaches are on Anguilla, St Martin, Turks Caicos islands.The most romantic spots are on St Barts, St Lucia, St Martin.The best snorkeling / diving spots: Saba, St Croix, Bahamas out islands ,and the Turks / Caicos islands.The best duty-free / tax free shopping is in St Martin St Thomas.The MOST FUN beach is Orient Beach, St Martin. (2 miles of beach bars!) Due to the price of oil, there won’t be any bargains on plane tickets;but there will be discounts to be found on lodging.



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