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The Best iPhone Travel Apps

The Best iPhone Travel Apps

The iPhone makes traveling a lot easier thanks to the fact that it’s a basically a small computer with many features geared toward the traveller. I published an article on a few of the coolest iPhone apps in general but the ones below can be very helpful for travelers. Whether you’re in a car locally, on vacation or a business trip, these can help you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined! Some of these are free apps and some carry a small fee of a few dollars. Note that you should be able to get all or most of these on your iPod Touch as well.

Top Travel Apps


Flight Status: This app checks flights and let’s you know their details. You can search for flights by flight number, route, and airport.

Next Flight: Find out when the next flight home is!

Around Me: This app is by far one of the best free iPhone travel apps. It will give you a list of categories including banks, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, taxis, theatres and of course, a lot more!

Google Map & GPS: The Google map will know where you are instantly and show it to you on a map. You just have type in the address or location of your destination and it will show you how to get there. This is great for when you rent a car and drive around an unfamiliar city. It’s also useful for walking tours of places where you don’t know your way around. You never have to worry about getting lost and not finding your way back to your hotel. This app will guide you there!

Lonely Planet (City): There are Lonely Planet apps for locations around the world. This app will let you find local restaurants, locate museums and famous places,  show you where nightlife hotspots are, and a lot more. It’s one of the more pricey apps but it’s still quite cheap.

Hear Planet: Get tourist info for major cities around the world. As you walk by famous places, it will literally narrate a description of that location out loud. No reading required! It’s your own personal tour guide. (There’s a paid and free “lite” version).

FAA Wait: This app let’s you access real-time flight info based on actual FAA data. The app doesn’t provide specific flight details but can help you see where there are tie-ups. This is especially helpful when trying to assess if a connecting flight may be cancelled.

TSA Wait: This app gives the average time it takes at a given airport for security checks.

XE Currency: This app makes it easy to convert currency by showing you exchange rates.

Travelocity: This app will help you find flights, hotels, and other rental info.

Free Translator: This is one of many apps that will help you speak another language. This is especially helpful when you have to go to the bathroom! LOL!

Weather Channel: The Yahoo! weather app that comes with the phone is limited and not as good as the one provided by the Weather Channel (or Weather Network in Canada).

Camera: Lost your camera or forgot it at home? Use your iPhone to take some photos and videos. It won’t be the same as a full camera but it’s a start.

Clock: If you’re traveling through multiple countries, just set the clock with each country. This is especially helpful for people backpacking through Europe, for example, where you’re constantly going through different countries.

Alarm: This goes hand in hand with the clock. Simple to use and very convenient.

Games: Stuck in an airport? Download iPhone app games and your time will go by much faster.

Email & Internet: Surf while waiting for your next flight to your destination or home.

What About You?

If you’ve found iPhone travel apps that have helped you, make sure to add it to the list by writing it in the comments below!

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  1. Katie

    August 23, 2009 at 10:09 am

    There’s another one that I think is new that I would add to the list. It’s from Air Canada. The Air Canada travel app let’s you see what flights are available, you can check in using it and of course there’s more. I like the idea that it shows you all of the flights because if you’re stranded in an airport, you can simply access the app and it will give you all of the alternatives without having to wait in line just to argue with the person at the check-in desk.



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