College Dating

College Dating
Rick Adams

College years are meant to be both educational and fun. These are also the best years to explore the world of dating. Lots of people all over the globe fall in love and marry their college sweethearts. Then again, college is also a wonderful time to date many different people in order to find out what kinds of people you enjoy spending time with.

Whether you decide to tie yourself down while in college is up to you, but proceed with caution when dating a fellow student. Colleges can be a breeding ground for gossip, conflict, and stress – all of which you can easily live without.

Avoid Dorm Dating

A dorm provides a cozy and intimate home away from home. You may feel comfortable enough in your dorm to walk around in your pajamas, lounge in the common area, and hang out with other students while watching Saturday morning cartoons. Given all of these warm and fuzzy feelings, it’s no wonder that many people become attracted to dorm-mates.

Even though it might be nice to come home to your loved one each day, a broken up dorm relationship can be extremely uncomfortable. Not only will you have to face your ex every day, but that “home away from home” feeling you once had may disappear. Keep in mind that you’ll have to face a dorm ex for the rest of the year.

Dating Your Professor

Dating a professor is not as crazy as it may seem. Many college professors aren’t much older than the average college student. Yet, most colleges have rules against dating someone who is considered your superior – resident assistants and coaches included. If you fall into a relationship with your professor, find out what your school’s rules are.

Some schools will allow you to date a professor after a course has finished. Other schools have a no tolerance policy when it comes to these types of flings. Unless you plan on transferring schools, take a good look at the rulebook before you fall head over heels for your prof.

Get Away

Attending college parties and other college activities with your new love can be fun. However, the best way to really get to know someone is to see how they act off campus. Go on a weekend trip, check out a movie in town, or simply visit a restaurant nearby. Getting away from your campus is the best way to find out who you’re really dating.

Having a romantic partner in university can make people nervous. Yet, the rewards have romance and finding someone to date are worth the effort and certainly make up part of the college experience.

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