Costa Maya, Mexico Cruise Excursion Review

Costa Maya, Mexico Cruise Excursion Review

While traveling on board Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, we stopped for the day in Costa Maya, Mexico. The port area of Costa Maya appears to be an insignificant town that basically goes from a handful of inhabitants to a bustling beach town when a ship docks.

Costa Maya Mexico Port

The port in Costa Maya.

There’s not much there except a beach, some t-shirt shops, bars, and the usual seaside stores. We ignored this local, somewhat generic-beachside town feeling place and instead took the tour to the Mayan pyramids.

The area around this Mayan civilization is well kept so it's easy to walk around and visit.

The area around this Mayan civilization is well kept so it’s easy to walk around and visit.

To be fair, the town looked fine if you planned to stay there for the day. We just decided to take advantage of the unique opportunity to see lesser known Mayan “ruins.”

The excursion was about two hours away by bus. The bus parked at a chalet where you could go to the bathroom and then you walked up a path to the pyramids. The tour guide walked us through the area, explaining what they think they know about the civilization of people that use to live there. Some archeologists were there, literally digging, cataloguing and discovering artifacts while we were there.

We had some time on our own to walk around and take photos.

On the back, two noteworthy things happened. First, the tour guide assured as that the world would not end at any point just because of some misunderstandings of the Mayan calendar. Second, we nearly missed the boat. Read more about the risks of shore excursions.

Overall, the tour was great. If you’re into this type of exploration, I recommend it.

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