Cozumel Mexico Snorkeling Excursion Review

Cozumel Mexico Snorkeling Excursion Review

When perusing the various cruise vacation options, we decided to hop on one of the largest ships the world has ever seen, Oasis of the Seas. The ship took us to the Western Caribbean with one of the stops being in Cozumel, Mexico.

After having visited the private island of Labadee, followed by Costa Maya, this was our final stop before heading back to sea.

We got off the ship and boarded a bus. At the time, there was another Royal Caribbean ship, Grandeur of the Seas, in the port and we soon discovered that passengers from both ships were on this excursion. There was about 15 people total which was a great number.

Snorkeling Excursion

The tour started with a visit to some old settlements (buildings). It was interesting to see how the doors were so tiny. cozumel-houseThe tour guide discussed their history and we moved on. The next stop was toward the Zona de Cocodrilos where we went on a bridge to see crocodiles. Apparently, until recently you were allowed to feed the crocodiles but locals were worried about creating a dependence on humans and also didn’t want the reptiles to leap up from the water and try to bite anyone. We definitely felt safe, so don’t lose sleep over this part. In fact, it was fascinating to see the crocs in the wild.

The next stop was the main purpose of the excursion. We snorkel our way through the beautiful coral reef. They provided the equipment at a shack on the beach. I had to leave my valuables behind and fortunately, one of the passengers stayed behind while her husband went in the water so she agreed to watch everyone’s belongings. There weren’t that many people on this particular beach (at the time) so our things were relatively safe anyways but you never know.The snorkeling was a little rushed but it was well worth it.Cozumel Parrot

We also stopped at a light house where we could walk all the way. The bravest of us did so and were rewarded with a wide view from above and the satisfaction of knowing we got up there.

Eco-friendly Side Note

The tour guide was great but one point he made stuck with me. He said that there was a concerted effort to keep Cozumel clean and eco-friendly. He mentioned that coral reefs are sensitive to pollution in the water and die off relatively quickly. Ok, except that cruise ships bring tons of water pollution daily! This made no sense to me. Either you let these floating cities come in and acknowledge that some of your natural habitats are going to be destroyed, possibly all of it given time. Or you forbid these giants from coming close to shore. If you, as a reader, have a say in this, please share it below.

Visit to Cozumel – In Town

Afterwards, there was a bit of time to visit the town. There wasn’t much going on but for a dollar (US), you could get a vendor’s parrot to grab a sunflower seed out of your mouth stand and let it on your head. It was actually entertaining to watch as funny as that may sound.

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