Doctor Who Companions Smash the Face of Boe at Montreal Comiccon

Doctor Who Companions Smash the Face of Boe at Montreal Comiccon

This year’s Montreal Comiccon saw the first ever meeting of Karen Gillan and Eve Myles at a panel on Saturday. Past companion Billie Piper and Gillan’s cousin Caitlin Blackwood, who played a younger version of Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan) on the long-running show Doctor Who, joined the panel for a lively conversation and Q & A session hosted by the hilarious Garrett Wang (Harry Kim, Star Trek Voyager)

Karen Gillan’s Favourite Doctor

During the panel, the audience had the pleasure of finding out that Karen Gillan’s favourite Doctor is David Tenant which led to hoots and hollers from fans. Understandable since David Tenant is considered by many to deserve the title of Best Doctor. Besides being a great actor, Karen admitted that him being Scottish influenced her preference a smidgen.

We also saw Gillan do an over-the-top impersonation of Angelina Jolie complete with comically big lips. More hilarity ensued.


Karen Gillan, Caitlin Blackwood, Garrett Wang, Eve Myles, and Billie Piper during the Montreal Comiccon Doctor Who companion panel.

Billie Piper Rocks a Skeleton Onesie Outfit

Surprisingly, Billie Piper came out last wearing a skeleton onesie with a hoodie. Yup. A black onesie with a full skeleton on it that was distracting but not enough to detract from the laugh out loud moments that occurred every few minutes on that stage.

Eve Myles Jokes About Her Best Friend John Barrowman

Multiple times during the evening Eve Myles brought about raucous laughter from the crowd with the unexpected (and sometimes shocking) words that fell from her lips. If she wasn’t admonishing the host for touching her boob, or telling brazenly crass stories, then she was finding more and more ways to tell us that given the chance she’d smash in the Face of Boe.

‘If John Barrowman jumps out of that dalek,’ shouted Myles, ‘I’m going to smash his face in!’

Never Miss a Doctor Who Panel

Being very much a you-had-to-be-there event, there’s no way to fully convey the fun that was had. The panel really picked up after wine was brought out (7up for Blackwood). The jokes were free flowing, the actors reminisced, and no one wanted to leave despite it being the end of the day. Even the stage dalek perked up at one point, which was a sight to see. “If John Barrowman jumps out of that dalek,” shouted Myles, “I’m going to smash his face in!”

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