Montreal’s First eSports Gaming Event was a Blast!

Montreal’s First eSports Gaming Event was a Blast!

If you were to find yourself in attendance at a movie theatre and started cheering loudly at the action on the screen, you’d probably expect many a loud “shhh!” from surrounding irritated moviegoers. You may have even encountered a raised fist or two, and expected to be kicked out by theatre staff!

That wasn’t the case at the Scotia Bank Cineplex theatre in Downtown Montreal recently, as excited fans of the Call of Duty video game franchise sat side-by-side watching competitors at the Cineplex WorldGaming Canadian Championships Regional Finals. The event was presented by Playstation.

What is an esports gaming event?

eSports, short for electronic sports, is a kind of mind-based sport with the primary aspect of it being that it’s facilitated by a video game. This phenomenon is essentially professional competitive video gaming and it’s growing in popularity with huge events taking place around the world.

First Impression

Walking into the theatre, I had no idea what to expect. This was the first time that an eSports event was taking place in such a venue in our beloved city and overall, I was impressed! Watching the gameplay on the big screen was fantastic. Organization of the event ran smoothly while I was there. The audience was engaged by the event commentators and organizers during the downtimes between matches. There were prizes to be won. 

A Champion Rises

Of the 23 Call of Duty pros that participated, only one could prevail and be known as the best of the best in the region. In the end Tony Ngo, also known as hotshot-sf, was announced winner of the event. Good luck at the finals Tony!

Go To The Next Montreal eSports Event!

This was one Sunday afternoon outing that was worth the effort. While this a first time event, I’m excited about what’s in store for the future of eSports in Montreal.

If you want to learn more about future events, you can visit, and cineplex’ Facebook at The Canadian Championship Finals will take place next month on March 6th at the Scotia Bank Theatre in Toronto, Canada.

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