6 Perks of Living in the Sunshine State

6 Perks of Living in the Sunshine State

Perhaps enefetter known as a sun-drenched destination for beach-side relaxation, Florida is also a haven for active and adventurous people. If you fancy yourself as an expert golfer, Florida boasts some of the most pristine courses in the world. If your interests veer more toward exploring the deep seas, in Florida you are never more than 60 miles from the ocean. Whatever your interests, there’s something for you.

(1) Economic Benefits


Florida’s beach-side beauty is spectacular throughout the year. Image by eschipul.

There are also many economic benefits of moving to the Sunshine State. Residents of Florida don’t pay any state income taxes, which alone can save someone in a high tax bracket thousands of dollars per year. Florida has a lower cost of living than many other states, including low housing costs. The state has also branded itself as the go-to family destination in the United States; being able to throw a rock to many of the nation’s premiere amusement parks means the demand for property is continual.

(2) Beaches and Aquatic Adventures

When people think of Florida they usually conjure up images of palm trees and pristine sandy beaches – and they aren’t wrong; Florida is home to some of the most beautiful and inviting beaches in all of North America. Living up to its much-celebrated reputation, Florida frequently has many of its beaches pop up on various lists of the top 10 beaches in the US.

From the exotic locals of Miami to the bright white shores of Destin, there is a beach for all types of sun-seekers here. In addition to parking down a lawn chair and staring up at your brightly colored umbrella, many of Florida’s oceans offer incredible opportunities for surfing, scuba diving, parasailing and boating.

Surfing in particular is huge in the Sunshine State, and thousands of surfers flock to Cocoa Beach to take on the majestic waves. Nicknamed “Surf City,” Cocoa Beach is the preeminent East Coast destination for all things surf, and this reputation makes Florida attractive to beach bums and thrill seekers alike.

(3) The Great Outdoors

The unrivaled consistency in Florida’s climate means that residents love to be outside. In addition to the beaches already mentioned, Florida also has many areas ideal for hiking and camping. Do you prefer a long scenic hike where you may meet some new wildlife friends? Try Black Bear Wilderness Area, which offers some of the best bird watching you’re likely to find. Are you more interested in a slice of prime history with your hikes? Check out the Addison Blockhouse Historic State Park.


Florida’s landscape is ideal for hiking, cycling and wildlife spotting. Image by faungg’s photos.

(4) Glamping: Luxury Camping

Perhaps you would prefer to explore nature from the comfort of an RV or a nicely insulated tent? Happily, there are a slew of popular campsite options for that very activity. Many parks across Florida also offer up their on-site cabins for a weekend getaway in the woods too.

If you like the idea of sleeping outside more than you actually enjoy the thing itself, Florida also offers many options for “glamping.” What is glamping, you ask? Glamping usually consists of a lush and luxurious campsite with running water and electricity. If you seek the comfort of home, but also enjoy the smell of fresh tree sap in the morning, then glamping may be for you.

(5) Top Notch Golf Destination

As the home of many professional golf courses and tours including the PGA and LPGA, Florida is the perfect place to live if golf is your passion. Currently there are more than 1,300 golf courses in Florida; this type of saturation offers an abundance of diversity for you to practice your chip shot.

Consistently ranked among the top public golf courses in the United States, TPC Sawgrass is nestled right in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and the course offers unparalleled joy for golf nuts and casual fans alike. While this course may be the most lauded in Florida, there are numerous other courses that pop up all around the state, meaning that regardless of where you live, you are most likely close to a world-class golf course.

(6) Popular Vacation Destination

The aforementioned reasons have made Florida a mecca for travelers of all shapes and sizes, but the perks don’t end here; the state also has a reputation as one of the most profitable places to buy a vacation home in the United States.

Every year millions of tourists trek to Florida to enjoy its theme parks, golf courses and endless coastline, and because of this, weekly and monthly rentals have become popular. These incentives have made Florida an ideal choice for homeowners to gain an extra income. With real estate prices still affordable throughout the state and a booming tourism industry, no less than five of the 10 cities listed as the best places to invest in vacation home rentals are in Florida.

So whether you are looking to settle down and park yourself in the Sunshine State for the long haul or to buy a property to rent to eager tourists for some extra cash, Florida offers idyllic surroundings and activities that will ensure both success and happiness.



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