How to Prepare to Pick Up Women

How to Prepare to Pick Up Women

Here are five things every man should do to prepare for a night out looking for tail. With these tips, you’ll be getting more tail than a pet shop. As one great football coach said, “the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.”

Follow these five tips and you’ll be bringing chicks home in no time.

Finding a Wingman

Call up a buddy who you know doesn’t tend to steal the show. They know a lot about you, enough to know when to leave things out of stories, like that time you were puking in the bathroom all night. Make sure they’re reliable, avoid “flippers,” dudes who are likely to cancel at the last minute. You need to get one of your best buds, just not the ones who’ll take your success or failure too lightly. Finally, get someone you know you can assist in the clutch, too. When he’s approaching a lady, don’t dodge the situation or try and claim her for yourself. Just be an enthusiastic friend and make sure you can expect the same in return.

Have a Blueprint

Establish some basic things you’d feel comfortable talking about with a girl in the near future. Make sure you know your stuff and won’t freeze up – she can tell when you’re not in your own skin. Have some crazy stories in the back of your mind, hilarious jokes (that aren’t just one-liners), and especially anything that invites her participation. And if your stories all start with “This one time I was so drunk with the guys…” you need to dig deeper. Finally, have a basic fallback topic as well as a smooth way to change the subject – hopefully it won’t be necessary, but if things go a little bit off the rails you’ll be glad when you realize there’s another train coming.

Hand Lotion

Every woman knows that touch reveals a man’s true character, and you won’t be getting any action until you can touch her. Rather than letting her feel the callouses and cuts you got from that last game or last night out with the guys, introduce yourself with gentle hands that let her know you’re about the details.

Pad Prep

Make sure your pad is ready to go before you leave the house. If you’re bringing back some new company tonight, make sure the place is free of funk – or you won’t be getting funky. Don’t overdo it – it should still look like a guy’s place, so no funny smelling candles or flowery drapes (unless that’s your thing anyway – then play it up, go crazy). Make the bed and generally allow the place to be a little more comfortable than usual. Have drinks or small snacks ready to go – nothing that causes gas or bloating!

Prep Talk

Give yourself a quick prep talk to make sure you’re in the game. Everybody needs a talking-up now and then, but you can’t expect compliments on demand (don’t bother pursuing them by request, either). You don’t need to look in the mirror, but if you do you might catch some important details you’ve missed. There’s no need to get absurd here, or too intense. Just focus, find a positive mindset, and stabilize it consciously. Vocalizing it to yourself will help a lot, especially once you can say it convincingly. Be ready to do that later.

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